Professional Blog Writer Secrets For Best Blogging Practices – 10 Tips To Get More Blog Visitors

My 10 Secrets For Getting More Blog Visitors: Make Them Yours!

As a professional blogger, I have found that most times my clients (the blog owners) are not so comfortable using social marketing strategies or are simply unaware of the great outreach of easy social media tools. But, if you have a Twitter account please promote your blog via Twitter! One catchy blog topic can help you generate many remarks by a simple technique like ‘Alert on latest debate on XYZ topic – your comments welcome on my post’ followed by your blog link!
Actively seek out topics for your blog that are related to your industry’s latest controversy since nothing heats up audience interest as much as this twin sister to gossip does! You can actually double blog traffic by using buzz words in blog titles and posing open-ended questions that invite debate. Then get word about these latest blog posts out to all community members randomly and invite opinion. People love to be considered smart enough to be asked for their views!
Conduct a single question poll on a core topic in your blog niche, headlining it with the query and leaving answers open for a limited time, say for a week. Mention you will pick one best answer from reader comments – this will encourage healthy competition and worthwhile blog responses that are on topic, instead of the standard ‘great post.’ For example, a health blog can have raise the question ‘What is your view on legalizing Marijuana?’ and a fashion blog can post a blog article on ‘Best way to clean leather boots?’
Solicit experience sharing from your blog readers and you will have a regular following that will be happy to recommend your blog, helping you promote it online. For example, everybody loves a bit of attention, so grant that to your readers and arrange a blog contest – something simple like ‘forgotten childhood games,’ ‘most romantic date venue’ or ‘my favorite coffee brand’ are all questions that would show a human side of your readers and encourage them to talk about themselves. They are sure to return to talk some more next time you post – just don’t forget to alert these responders!
Integrate social sites like StumbleUpon with your blog promotion efforts and don’t be shy about asking friends to use it to help you out. Though traffic is initially slow, its steady and effective for quality blog traffic.
Comment on other blogs and provide a link to a relevant post of yours that is on-topic. This is a great but under-utilized way of diverting prospective blog readers to your blog provided you have posted a topic that is related, whether in a positive or negative way, to the current blog post. This will arouse reader curiosity and encourage responses.
Always acknowledge comments from blog readers. Many bloggers find it tedious to reply to comments or simply lag behind in responding to comments, but if someone has taken the time and initiative to respond to your post, it’s a good sign you’ve managed to get their attention. A friendly response can help you retain that reader, so make an effort to do that!
Make comments open and available to all instead of limiting time periods for general blogs. This way even if your blog titles, tags or hot keywords are found in online searches 2 or 3 years down the line by people looking for related data, your blog earns that traffic too!
Choose evergreen topics for your blogs over time sensitive articles and stick with general interest topics that provide useful information to readers or fill a gap. Keep what you had for lunch under wraps, ditto for your pet peeves!
Don’t filter out the critical comments as charged up opinions only make you seem more of a confident authority on the topic, showing other readers you are ready to cope with opinions different from yours without getting personal or upset.

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Make Effectively Money From Blogging

A lot of people are working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet and the truth is, it just doesn’t seem enough. If you were one of the many people with this dilemma, would you believe it if I told you that you could make money from blogging?

Believe it or not, you can actually earn money from blogging and all you have to do is sit in front of your computer for a couple of hours and write articles. Blogs are not just for angst-ridden teenagers anymore; look at Perez Hilton or Arianna Huffington. They are earning millions of dollars every year just because of their blogs. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Do the math

Let’s take a look at a couple of ways that you can make money from blogging; affiliate marketing and paid posts. Before you decide to jump the gun, I am going to be upfront and say that you can’t earn millions of dollars overnight, but you can earn a steady income if you put in enough work.

1.) Affiliate marketing is all about selling and earning commissions from other people’s products for each product sold or lead generated. Now, supposing you started a health blog and you are selling health-related affiliate products. What if a product you’re selling costs $20 and the commission you earn is at $10?

If you can sell two products a day, you already earned $20! If you can keep that up for 30 days, you’ll have close to $600 in earnings FOR ONE PRODUCT. If your blog can sell different products at any given day, you can earn thousands of dollars every month or week.

2.) Paid posts offer relatively low rates and it only takes a little amount of work. On average, a 300 word article would cost around $3 to $5 each. Let’s say you can write 3 300 word articles every day and you have 20 articles due; you can make close to $100 in 6 to 7 days. In a month, you’ll probably earn $400 a month if you have enough projects and if the rates are high enough.Perfect methods on earning from blogging
Aside from the 2 techniques mentioned above, there are other ways for you to make money from blogging:

3.) PPC or Pay per Click advertising is a good strategy for blogging. Advertisers will buy a spot on PPC sites like Google AdSense and post their links onto your website if it’s relevant to their customers. If your readers click on the link, PPC sites will pay you; most ads would run for $.50 per click while there are those that can cost more than $10.

4.) Product reviews are similar to paid posts, except you’ll be writing reviews on products from your advertisers. Your advertisers will provide samples or free units just so you can write something about it. It may not cost a lot of money, but if you run a tech blog, imagine the gadgets that you’ll be getting for free. Now that’s a real money saver.

It is possible
It’s not impossible to make money from blogging; you can earn thousands of dollars every month just by sitting in front of your PC for a couple of hours. If you put in the hard work and dedication, you can generate a steady income, open new opportunities in affiliate marketing and paid posts and even better targeted traffic