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She lubricated my asshole

Naked Galleries She lubricated my asshole.

Me and my bestest hausfrau friend are sitting here trying to write our first ever epic gay slash fiction about George W. Bush and Karl Rove and we have a question for our favorite gays ever.

My friend says that tops and bottoms are determined by which ass self-lubricates upon arousal. I didn't think any ass self lubricates but she says differently. BTW, we don't have prostates.

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And our second question is, since we're starting the story when Bush and Rove were in Jr. High, is it possible to control arousal in the locker room setting or any setting where you don't want an erection to show?

BTW, We don't have cocks.

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Please respond right away. We're very anxious to get started and we will let you read the fiction about this hotter than hot duo.

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The only "lube" an ass can make is really mucus from the irritation of having a penis crammed in the butt. Asses don't self lubricate, unfortunately.

Although as a man or woman nears orgasm the ass contracts making it, in a sense, moister, though not lubricated in the sense a vagina lubricates. At least my ass contracts that way. Well, just make one of them have a self lubing ass and that's the reason they have stayed together.

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Now She lubricated my asshole is true that an anus can be in a state of relative relaxation, often but not always concurrent with being sexually turned on, and it is definitely true that when very close to orgasm, anuses, both male and female go through a process which i understand - and don't quote me - as contracting and relaxing which seems contradictory, but it's all part of a dynamic tension. Whatever it is, however sensational, it has nothing to do with lubrication. But instead of turning to DL, where you are going to get anecdotal nonsense, why not do some actual research on the subject.

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Also if She lubricated my asshole is epic gay slash fiction, why not let your imaginations run wild and not restrict yourself to physical verisimilitude. I hope you're amusing yourselves responding to these troll posts, because you're not amusing anyone else. Perhaps the Babel of Trolls will collapse on itself and they'll all resume speaking to each other in mutually unintelligible macaque, and we'll have the DL back.

I wish that guys squirted out their asses when cum like females squirt sometimes when cum. Sometimes when I see a hot guy, I'll feel my rectum kinda twitch, and something like a tiny drop of moisture trickle down from deep within. Like an internal 'sweating'. My girlfriend's ass does indeed self-lubricate. I spit on my penis to get it in, but it gets more slippery as I fuck her. I can feel it start getting a lot more slippery when she is having an orgasm.

Almost every time we fuck I end up turning her over and switching to her ass, and we never use any external lubricant. I'm a total bottom yes, despite all She lubricated my asshole "versatile" PC bullshit, we do exist and I've had this discussion with some other people.

Me and my bestest hausfrau...

My va-guy-na, for lack of a better word, does self-lubricate. Me and my friends have come to the conclusion that it craves cock SO MUCH that that need crosses over into mind-body connection territory, and that my mind causes it to become all moist and dewy.

Do you think there is any science to back me up? The ass will lubricate itself She lubricated my asshole little when you are really hitting it good. Its mostly sweat from the skin around the hole and in the crack though. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.


BTW, we don't have prostates And our second question is, since we're starting the story when Bush and Rove were in Jr. Thank you ever so much! I have a self lubricating ass.

Are you a bottom R1? And if so, is that how you determined your role as the bottom?

OP - Does your mouth produce saliva? There's your self-lubricating ass right there. My snatch is dry as a desert.

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