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Brian pumper nat turner

Porn clips Brian pumper nat turner.

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Justin Slayer Discussion in ' Any info on. Jun 10, Well adult entertainers fukk others who are not in the industry so no matter how they try to contain it it's impossible Marcus was the most popular. The women love to work with him.

Nat Turnher and Brian Pumper were the least popular. Nat is said to smell like shit from his breath to everything else on him.

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Brian Pumper is a corny asshole who is nasty as well. I"m naked out here Male pornstar photo shoots are so damn random. I also laughed when it was said that Justin is private Oxymoron, but I get fully what that font was saying. I could never fuck a porn dude. They all have herpes plus lots of those dudes are gay for pay on the low.

I can't get down with dudes who lie.

If you like men, nothing wrong with that but secrets lead to disease in my mind. Not trying to buy a House In Virginia. Nat Turnher had a baby with Ice La Fox.

Actors: Aliana Love, Monica Morales,...

Anyways hes not that attractive but his movies are nice. I don't care for the way he lays it down because he's abusive at times and likes to hurt girls His hottest scenes to me have been with Pinky.

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Like I said though, I don't enjoy seeing dudes just pile drive girls and hurt them. One scene if I were Pinky I would have slapped him because he's killing her. Can't handle Wesley Pipes. That fool is ignorant!!!! There is a scene with him and Pinky Brian pumper nat turner they're on a bus and this Nucca is gettin brain while they pass the police station.

Lex be doing way too damn much but I do enjoy his scenes. The facial expressions are a hot ass mess. I only enjoy watching the Black male performers. The only non Black ones I have enjoyed were Latino-ish. What annoys me is, he is loud as hell and acting like he's morphing into a damn gorilla while he's bustin I have never understood that ish! Big ass waterhose and nothing in it.

That's a gatdamn shame. Pumper is notoriously funky, I have heard that from many.

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He tried to holler at a friend of mine one time in ATL and he had the nerve to have a business suit on smelling like horseshit. He opened his mouth and that Bish said she fell over damn near his breff was so damn stank.

I can't even see his ass anymore without thinking of that scene where he's gettin his ass eaten and his legs are cocked up over his shoulders. TT Boy is very unpopular too because he's an abusive fuck. Tries to go up your ass when you haven't authorized him, loves to choke and slap, etc. I bring him up because he has all those lines like Black Street Hooker, etc that are very popular.

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