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Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates

Porn Base Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates.

For the socially conscious individual, there are few jobs that are more satisfying than a career that relates to criminal justice. Whether that job pertains to solving crime, protecting citizens from crime or defending alleged criminals with a sound legal defense, it is almost always the case that these jobs significantly benefit our society.

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Indeed, many people that have pursued these noble career paths state that they do so because they want to make a difference, serve their community and help others along the way. These are incredible goals to be sure and there are many ways in which these goals can be achieved within the criminal justice system. All too often, people watch a good episode of Law and Order and conclude that the criminal justice system primarily revolves around police, lawyers and judges, but the criminal justice system offers many other exciting career opportunities!

While altruism and caring for the community can be primary goals for entering into this line of work, money still needs to be made to make any job a realistic career choice. Also of importance is how essential the job itself is in regards to criminal justice, as some jobs in the criminal justice system are too isolated from the justice aspect that so many find desirable.

For a job in the criminal justice system Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates be a great one for a career it needs to satisfy essential criteria. First, the job must promote a significant amount of social good and help others.

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Second, the job must pay a decent salary and be a Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates option for choosing a career. Finally, the job must be closely related to criminal justice and not merely tangentially related. It should go without saying, then, that all of the jobs in the following list of top 10 entry level jobs in criminal justice fit this criteria. Those jobs, and the higher salaries that come along with them, require years of experience in the field.

The jobs on this list still pay decent salaries and give the tools and necessary experience to eventually transition into that dream criminal justice job!

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It should be noted, however, that this list is not ordered in terms of Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates to least desirable entry level criminal justice jobs. Rather, this is simply a list of 10 incredible jobs that satisfy the criteria as described above. Given the wide range of jobs and even wider range of motivations that lead individuals to these positions, a general list is preferable rather than an ordered one. Without further ado, here are 10 incredible jobs to get started in a fulfilling criminal justice career!

For those that wish to pursue criminal justice as a career, there are few better entry level options than working as a border patrol agent. These jobs are incredibly important socially, as these agents work to prevent illegal aliens from entering American territory unlawfully.

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Further, a border patrol agent is tasked with monitoring the borders and waters of the United States. The application process for one of these positions is lengthy. On average, an application takes anywhere from a year to 18 months before it is completed. As a result, there are numerous job openings available.

While entry level pay is lower, these jobs offer very livable wages for recent college graduates. It should be noted that being over the age of 40, poor credit or previous convictions on your file will likely be enough to prevent an application from being successful.

Still, this job opens up the doors to many other criminal justice careers. Admittedly, enforcement of the borders is a hot button issue politically, but it is important to remember that these agents have caught numerous violent criminals. In some cases, border patrol agents have even given their lives serving their country in these positions.

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While many enthusiasts of watching television shows about criminal law believe it is all about the lawyers, rest assured that the lawyer would never get his or her moment to shine without a good paralegal at the ready. Many criminal defense firms hire paralegals at the entry level, provided that they make a commitment to work at the firm for a specified time period.

Usually, this period is around two years. Obviously, this could be smaller if the criminal defense firm is a much smaller firm. Generally speaking though, the pay is quite good.

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Further, a job as a criminal justice paralegal is incredibly close to the heart of the justice system. Criminal justice firms involve zealously representing and defending their clients. In essence, criminal defense involves the lives of other human beings that are hanging in the balance. A defense firm should always be seeking proper application of the law, and most importantly, fair and proportional treatment to their clients in an ethical context.

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A paralegal will lay much of the groundwork for this incredible pillar of the justice system to do its job properly. A career as a paralegal will also prepare anyone well for other popular criminal justice fields in law.

Many of the best judges and lawyers started out as paralegals gaining valuable experience before continuing their legal training in law school. Put simply, this is one of the most rewarding and essential entry level criminal justice jobs out there! It is far from contradictory to say that an individual that values social justice would also love animals and nature. In fact, if anything, these notions are often complementary! For individuals that have this kind of outlook, a job as a fish and game warden would be an ideal entry level job in criminal justice.

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Also, these jobs are often in more rural areas where the cost of living is lower, which would make that salary go even further. Too many movies Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates poke fun of these types of jobs leave the general public with the impression that these jobs leave authorities powerless and helpless when individuals infringe on established laws. However, that could not be further from the truth.

Fish and game wardens do have the authority to fine or arrest those that are in violation of the law when it occurs within their patrolling area. So not only does this job promote a great deal of social good while preserving nature, it also is directly related to criminal justice since you are preventing crime and arresting suspects if criminal activity occurs!

This is one more of many great ways to start a career in criminal justice.

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Few jobs are more socially relevant than the Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates of a child protective services worker. These employees provide services that assist and aid the social and psychological well-being of families and their children. These incredible people ensure that neglect and abuse will be dealt with when they have taken place in the lives of children.

Further, they often counsel families when parental decisions endanger children and help to identify beneficial resources for these troubled families. In extreme cases, Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates workers save children by removing them from unfit homes when they are in danger and place them in loving foster homes.

In short, the social utility of these jobs is hard to find anywhere else. The trade-off of having a job with such incredible value is that the pay is usually a bit lower than some of the other entry level jobs on this list. This wage is still livable or it would not be on this list. Even so, do not expect to be getting rich any time soon.

This position is also crucial to the justice system as these workers are often a first line of defense for helpless children in the justice system.

Further, their expertise is often counted on in family law courts when certain facts around abuse and neglect may be at issue. These jobs also open up great advancement opportunities for anyone that is hoping to work in the juvenile justice system to help rehabilitate troubled young people. Speaking of rehabilitation, one of the most socially beneficial jobs in the justice system is that of a parole officer.

These officers are the first point of contact for recently released inmates. In our society, we value the rehabilitative aspects of prison, since it is a general precept of the human justice system that human beings can change and be rehabilitated back into law-abiding citizens.

The parole officer, then, plays an essential role in this system, since he is in effect the person that reintroduces the parolee back into society.

He is tasked with finding the released individual employment and helping them to get back on their feet so to speak. This can even include helping them find required schooling to further their education when necessary.

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The fact that these officers both keep society safe while performing much of the rehabilitative functions for released inmates makes this an incredibly desirable job for socially conscious individuals. The pay is also more than respectable.

Few entry level criminal justice jobs are as challenging or as rewarding as the duties of a correctional officer.

Entrusted with maintaining order and controlling rowdy inmate, this job is one of the most difficult jobs to perform on this list. The primary job functions of these officers involve supervising and searching the inmates and their respective sleeping areas.

While doing this, officers are careful in searching for any drugs or dangerous objects such as shivs that could compromise the integrity and safety of the prison. Further responsibilities include regular reports on the conduct of the inmates and they are also responsible for enforcing facility regulations. Put plainly, prisons would not function without correctional officers.

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As such, it should come as little surprise that these jobs are directly tied to the success of our criminal justice system. This job is also one of the easiest ways to get job experience within the criminal justice system. Typically, the minimum Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates is a high school diploma, making these jobs one of the easiest entry level jobs to secure if they do not have an intention of pursuing higher education. When considering a criminal justice career, keeping citizens safe is often the Entry level jobs for criminal justice graduates reason why people want to pursue this type of work.

Usually, government jobs offer some of the most meaningful ways to find employment while ensuring the safety of American citizens. The jobs of customs and immigration enforcement officers are no exception to this rule. Further, these jobs are found with the U. Needless to say, these jobs are of crucial importance then to maintaining the security of our country.

As the primary investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security, these officers are tasked with enforcing federal laws regarding the borders, trade laws, customs and immigration.

Suffice it to say, the particular duties any one officer might be assigned in these fields of work are too broad to cover for the purposes of this general article.

However, with security around the globe continuing to tighten, demand for these exciting jobs will continue to grow! The salary for these positions are also competitive.

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Further, these jobs can lead to even greater opportunities within the Department of Homeland Security, including specialized agent positions. This is yet another job that anyone interested in a criminal justice career should add to their short list of potential starting jobs. In the United States, we pride ourselves on having a system of justice that is both fair and just.

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