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Oops i got to excited

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I do write scenarios for them!

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Oops i got to excited love Sweet Pea so much. It was what she did best. So when people found out that some of her best friends were the infamous serpents, it was always a shock.

It started when she met Fangs after he hit on her and when she turned as red as a tomato, Toni stepped in and saved her from him. With Toni came Fangs, and then, of course, came Sweet Pea. Sure, all serpents were bad boys, but Sweet Pea was the icing on the cake. Sweet Pea seemed less than interested in her, for he treated her almost the exact same as Toni, with just a smidge of extra flirting, but that was only because Toni and he were practically siblings.

Her normal pastel shirt and jeans were traded in for a pair of ripped jeans with fishnet leggings underneath, some tall heeled combat boots and a completely see through black crop top, her entire red lacey bra completely exposed. She walked over to the pool table, where she saw Fangs, Sweet Pea and other serpents about to start a new game. Was that what it meant she would have to do to get Sweet Pea?

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Sure, she was okay with a makeover, but becoming a serpent? Without making any facial expression whatsoever, she leaned down before hitting the white ball into the triangle of balls, breaking it. Why are you acting like Toni? I can dress how I want to dress, and talk however I want to. Why would you take the most unique thing that you have in this damn place away? Why would you try to make yourself Oops i got to excited every other screw up here?

The girl who sucks at hiding who she likes, considering every time I even make eye contact with you, you blush and turn away.

To show me how easily a girl like you could be taken away from a guy like me. She nodded, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear as he finally leaned close to her and captured his lips with hers.

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So, I was talking with my wonderfully amazing friend jynxlovesluck and we decided to try to come up with an AU concept since we both needed a distraction from things. And it got to the topic of Queer Eye and my heart exploded with happy emotions of bringing two of my favorite things together.

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