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Review for plenty of fish hookup site

FuckBook Base Review for plenty of fish hookup site.

I've hooked up with several average-looking women from Plenty of Fish. Keep in mind that it's not like the "intimate encounters" type sites where you can let women know you Keep in mind that it's not like the "intimate encounters" type sites where you can let women know you just want a hookup.

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Here, you have to make 'em believe you're looking for more. It seems all the guys are looking for sex and the VAST majority of women are looking for long-term, even when they say they aren't.

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In that way it's not as fulfilling as the sex-only sites, because there's a certain level of dishonesty. Everybody's BSing each other. While it is free, it will take up quite a bit of your time in hitting on women, getting flaked out on, etc. There are a LOT of flakes on the site. And very few women initiate contact even though it's free. Be prepared to be grilled by chicks, even chunkers, to see if you're looking for "just sex" and have the appropriate responses -- which I'm sure you know by heart by now -- ready to go.

Good site, but I wouldn't pay for it.

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Let me tell you why plenty of fish POF is really awesome. It is the best place where you can find: Single moms who possess entitlement complexes and who are way out of your league 2.

The odd normal girl that piques your attention, and as soon as there is a connection, poof, she is gone as fast as she came 5. Lots of high-school dropouts and similar under-achievers seeking to escape their daily lives of general failure by turning Review for plenty of fish hookup site an online popularity diva 7. Those who think they are funny, witty, and intelligent; except they are not, and quite crude, vulgar, and uneducated instead 8. Those who claim they want a nice guy and are sweet and caring, except they are mean, stuck up, and self-centered instead 9.

Those with serious past relationship issues, yet who judge you anyway, even though you had no past issues and are a truly nice guy in real life I learned from them" while still listing just dating and nothing serious And those were the top 10 POF Commandments.

After talking to a lot of these wannabe-women, aka damaged goods, all hope will be lost in the female race, which is when the Delete button is best pressed, before true hopelessness and desperation has a chance to fully set in. I would not buy or recommend this site to anyone. Comments about Plenty of Fish:. I give POF 3 stars. After messaging a girl and I kept it clean by saying hello how are you? They would read it then delete it or leave it unread and delete Review for plenty of fish hookup site.

I was even blocked by a girl after I asked hello how are you. Thought I had a date lined up, the girl said how about we meet for coffee on Friday. I said that sounds great, where and when?

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Never heard from her again. And I saw repeatedly logging on but yet left my messages unread. All those girls up there say they want a relationship, but when you try to talk to them, they act like you're beneath them. We all can't be Brad Pitt or Tom cruise. Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Was this review helpful? Once I paid for membership was unable to go in again I have been a un-paid membership for 6 months then I signed up for their 8 month plan and within a week I was unable to sign in again.

Review for plenty of fish hookup site have tried several times trying to get help but I only recieved a email explaining How to reset your password but it Never works. There is no-one there to help if anything goes wrong.

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I still get messages explaining other members have left me messages However I can not sign in. I would Not recommend this site to anyone.

I have had no success on pof most or all the want men too talk about is sex and once you get too know them Review for plenty of fish hookup site are liars and internet playboys are just plain liars and pretending too be something or someone they are not or someone they wish they could be.

Went thru all the sign up stuff just to browse no go. The ad said FREE to browse but had to go thru all the sign up stuff and still was unable to browse. I just wanted to see the men in my areathis site is not worth the time.

It's just 2 bad, my daughter set up my profile with me and would enjoy viewing the profiles with me some times, that was cool Well they do nothing to fix this trash so im out This company automatically renewed my membership after I had cancelled my subscription and refuse to refund the money in full.

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Don't ever give them any payment information, including paypal as they will continue to charge you even if you cancel. I just want to give the guys my body the rest of me leave. I am going through a rough time he has a one track mind. Another only seen him a couple of times left me cause I didn't put out. The guys are all looking for one thing on this site.

This site has no standards at all for these guys anybody can get on. Can't delete our profiles because we can't access.

It has no working customer service. Someone has ruined the site. Stay away from it! I connected with a dude on there and we exchanged numbers. Very nice looking average dude 40ish. But Review for plenty of fish hookup site somebody else review said, these profiles have looking for a serrious relationship but once you talk to the person its all about sex.

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He was continuing to get on the site daily. But he knew i was interested in more than sex. Yes i responded but was really trying to be about the dude that done that. So beware of the dudes name who ends in because even though it says he interested in a relationship ,he's only interested in sex.

Both sexes seem pretty unhappy at this site. The men are just trolling for sex.

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Out of date photos, lying and many men that just like to post their possesions My own experience was not positive. Many were deleted without being read, nor was my profile viewed. Some were deleted following a view of my profile and that's OK. I had the same experience with long outdated photos on male profiles, repeatedly. And apparently "a few extra pounds" does not mean the same thing to a man as it does to me.

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Probably half of the men at POF in my state are carrying around an extra 50 to 75lbs. And I quickly learned that Looking for Love, Seeking My Soulmate and other like female qualifiers were code for a delusional man with no interest or desire for intimacy.