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I think best while moving, walking the manicured streets of my neighborhood—the Inner Richmond—as the fog settles, taking in the pastel-colored Queen Anne houses and neatly groomed gardens of protea flowers.

Last week, I ended up at an art studio near my house.

I kept walking until I arrived at a plush-green golf course in Lincoln Park. San Francisco is reportedly now 5.

San Francisco is reportedly now...

What I can do is write about my personal heartbreak. As a native New Yorker, I had long been fascinated by the beautiful city by the bay, the bastion of progressivism and counterculture.

As a creative, I knew it as the town that helped both a gay disco queen like Sylvester and a Goth misfit like Anne Rice find their artistic voices. Black san francisco once in a while, I see other Black people up close and personal around town.

I think of all the ways I try to make people unafraid of me and comfortable in my presence so that I can be comfortable in my body, in this city. And this may be my real issue: I hit all the goalposts.

I live in the right house, in a decent neighborhood.

San Francisco likes to think of itself as elite in its progressiveness. But I often say that the deeply segregated America Trump champions may be flourishing here, in one of his most despised cities.

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Systems that require a caste of people submerged below to keep the next level afloat and feeling accomplished. Systems that unfortunately seem more virulent here, in what has become a plutocrat mecca for the inevitable pilgrimage of the privileged. Black san francisco

San Francisco black travel guide...

Despite the idealistic image that drew me and so many hopefuls here, this has long been the town that turns a blind eye to inequality in brand-name, rose-colored glasses.

My walks often lead to Ocean Beach. Black san francisco Pacific feels affirming, and the coastline is my sanctuary.

African Americans in San Francisco...

I feel a particular affinity with the construction workers parked at the shore during their lunch break, opening their windows to inhale the ocean while trading the aroma of animal-style-stained-In-N-Out wrappers. They eat and daydream, then sometimes nap.

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