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How can cyberbullying happen

xXx Pics How can cyberbullying happen.

Teachers hope and believe that they know the children in their classes well, but unfortunately, there are certain undercurrents a teacher may fail to notice. Many problems that occur in the classroom are connected to incidents that occur outside the classroom. Bullying has always been present in schools.

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Traditional bullying took the forms of verbal or physical abuse, but with students' access to technology, bullying has changed dramatically. Many students have a digital life of which their teachers and parents have little knowledge. For many teachers, social networking sites are a whole new and unfamiliar world, making identifying and managing the effects of cyberbullying among their students particularly difficult.

How can cyberbullying happen main difference between face-to-face bullying and cyberbullying is the anonymity. People can use multiple online identities and avatars to harass others, and technology allows digital content to circulate very quickly to a very large audience.

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