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Desert essence facial cleansing pads

Good Video 18+ Desert essence facial cleansing pads.

More reviews by Samirae0. I have been using these ever since my hormones went out of whack and gave me pretty bad acne in the chin area.

My skin is pretty combo esc, but is mostly on the dry side, so I do have to be careful when using these as they are pretty drying. I didn't realize how addicted to them I was, until I Desert essence facial cleansing pads out and thought I could just stop using them.

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I dropped everything to get some after going a few days without them, which had resulted in a few breakouts. I primarily use them to wipe off makeup during my car ride home, since I typically want it off asap and Desert essence facial cleansing pads like waiting until I get home.

I then rinse my face when I get home. The pads are slightly textured, so they feel somewhat like exfoliator pads, and the amount of moisture on them is just perfect.

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They're not sopping, but they're definitely not dry. That's actually the only reason I tried them! I was buying other things, and just figured, "Hey, why not? I definitely recommend giving this product a try!! More reviews by VegetaForever. I don't use these on my face but for my chest, back and these weird rashes I get sometimes from shaving when my skin gets extra super sensitive during that time of the month ugh They are great Desert essence facial cleansing pads that.

You have to use them consistently though, every day after a shower and after a workout or particularly sweaty day.

Smell is typical tea tree oil, I don't mind. All in all it's a good product that I use everyday and that I will repurchase. More reviews by stellasamhain. I use them sparingly though because too much tea tree oil on sensitive skin can be extremely drying.

Nice to use after a regular cleanser to get rid out excess makeup at night. Makes skin nice and taut with tiny pores if your regimen is balanced.

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Just dont leave it too long or the pads eventually dry out. I ended up adding a drop of water to them to remoisten, they still seem to work alright.

More reviews by MsPsylocke. I've always liked tea tree on my skin when I'm prone to breaking out. Like a week before or during my monthly.

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Sorry I had to say that because that's when I produce more oil and just seem to get a breakout. I use this like a toner on my t-zone or jaw line, chin, etc. Then I use a little Thayers Rose water toner lightly over it to remove some of the oil.

I then apply my serum and moisturizer and I'm good. Since using these my breakouts or I should say lack there of because I only get like one spot and it heals so fast! I use these while Desert essence facial cleansing pads skin is damp and they kinda exfoilate my problem areas.

It also minimizes them being rough on my skin. It's a good product and very reasonable too.

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