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If you are dating someone are you single

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When I asked her she told me that we are "very technically single" and that I can hook up with whoever I want but she dip if I did. I've been in this situation before. It can mean a couple of things: Any way you cut it, it's no good--even if she's trying to feel you out. Even if it's transitioning to a relationship. If you want to be in a relationship with someone, you'll be in a relationship.

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And trust me, if it's exclusive-but-not-together and she wants to hook up with other people, it's not transitioning towards a relationship. Generally it just means she's using you because it's basically guaranteed. I assume, when you say "she dip if I did" that you mean she'd end it if you did? That would help with the context a little bit.

I'm saying I'm not your girlfriend I don't want the title i thought i made it clear.

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Sounds exclusive to me. You have a relationship together that she will end if you do something that she doesnt want you to do. It sounds like she doesnt view you two as a couple, but wants to be a couple. I wouldn't consider you single, and she doesn't either, no matter what label is attached to it.

Sometimes you just gotta be direct, tell her that this is something you need to know one way or the other, and if she doesn't want to define it, then be okay with walking away. I'm really confused by this as well. Talk to her in person, not over text. Find out which one she wants. It seems like it might be one of these options:.

You are at the start of a potential relationship. You don't know each other too If you are dating someone are you single yet, so maybe you don't rely on each other emotionally just now, but that might happen down the road.

Meanwhile, you don't want to have sex with other people because this might turn into a full blow relationship. You are monogamous FWB.

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You get to have sex with each other, and you don't have sex with other people. However, you don't rely on each other for emotional support. If you get upset one day about work, don't call the other person. Either that's what you are and you're exclusive, or you're not and you can date other people. It's as simple as that. If it's not official you're free to do whatever the hell you want, by putting conditions on it you become official!

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You can't have your cake telling people you're single and eat it too getting the benefits of being "exclusive". I'm not sure how to talk about this to her though because this is exactly how I feel.

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What me and her right now emotionally is no different from a boyfriend girlfriend and I guess what I realize now is that I don't mind the title. This all seems a bit confusing to me, but I think whether or not you can clearly lable yourself as "technically single" the better way to look at this is whether or not you're available.

Since she's not going to stick around if you hook up with someone else, and it sounds like you want to keep what you've got with her, then you're unavailable at the moment. Do you feel like it needs to be defined? You two know where you stand with each other, and for some people that's enough, and for other's they really need the lable of Exclusively Dating, or In a Relationship. If you need a relationship that's easily defined or labled then this might not be the girl for you.

Also if that's the case you should probably have a talk with her to explain that you want more and you two both decide where to go from there.

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Well after thinking over it for the day like I don't really NEED to define it because we are on the same page. I just don't know where to go from here if in the future if I want something more?

My only advice as far as that goes is that if you decide that you want something more to sit down and explain that to her. She may decide she's ready to commit to more, or she may not, but getting it out in the open will be for the best.

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Sounds to me like you're having a difference of worldviews. In yours, 'dating' means 'relationship', with everything that entails feelings, commitment, etc. In that case, the word 'single' isn't really a misnomer - she considers herself emotionally available to be in a Relationship.

Basically, quit confusing sex with feelings.

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They can be different things, and mean different things. Sounds like it might be useful to have a discussion about definitions. So sexually exclusive is basically the same as her telling me "there's nothing stoping you from hooking up with other people, just that I wouldn't date you anymore.

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I can't answer that - only she can. Which is why this would be a good conversation to have with her, if you can approach it from an "I think we're talking past each other, and I'd like to talk more about the terms we're using so we are on the same page" in a non-confrontational or non-emotional way.

Do you want to hook up with other people? If so, the answer is clear.

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If not, then make it clear to her that you would like to be hers exclusively and you would hate the idea that she was looking elsewhere. Well this whole time I thought we were exclusive!

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I'm just not sure if that still means if I'm "technically single". It is a label you define for yourself I think. If you think you are not single then your behaviour will support this.

I just dont want you to get hurt so I think it is important to make your intentions and opinion very clear to her. It would be horrible for her to say "I didnt know that was how you felt" after she does something that will hurt you.

When I was young I, too thought that when you were exclusive with someone you were no longer single. However, many, many, many years later I realize that for at least people my age - as long as you are not married, you are single.

Even people in committed relationships but not married, are in fact, single - to people my age.

I do however remember thinking exactly the opposite when I was in my teens and early 20s. I'm a 47 year old man, if you're not married, you're single and fair game. If you're really committed, you're not going to fall for me anyway. You are not "in a relationship" and therefore a "couple" until you've sat down and had a discussion agreeing so.

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I think she's right, unless you've agreed that you're an item then you aren't. Typically seeing one another exclusively ought to be a natural lead-in to that kind of conversation.

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