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Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad

Nude Photo Galleries Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad.

QM Matchmaking is not as bad as it is. QM matchmaking while is not the best, is still decent for QM.

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I have seen a lot of winnable matches, only to be lost by playing badly and not choosing talents according to the match up. I had a game on battlefield of eternity. Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad team had Tyrael, Nazeebo, Fenix, Kharazim and abathur. The other team had stitches, Nazeebo, kelthuzad, auriel and Lucio. Tyrael took judgement and Kharazim took 7 sided strike, against a team with auriel who can crystal aegis anyone, Lucio with sound barrier and naz have ice block.

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Not surprising, Tyrael died 8 times, Kharazim died 5 times. To make matters worse, abathur took monstrosity.

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At the end of the game, they blame the matchmaking. You could have taken palm and sanc to deny Kel one shot combo. Double fenix could have done a lot of damage. Now, it's ok to play what you want and how you want, but don't blame the matchmaking if you don't adapt to the situation.

Yesterday I did a QM session,not a good day but sometimes it happens, especially at the start of the weekend. Only once my team looked horrible compared to the enemy one, but that was because it was a 4 stack of Hammer Morales Auriel Azmodan agains Hanzo Thrall Fenix, they tried to cheese and failed miserably.

In the other cases it was fair games half iirc and the other half was filled with bad players, something on the level of level 23 Malfurion with 35k healing, Anubarak diving 1vs5 all Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad and Kelthuzad and Morales chasing kills against Maiev and Genji spoiler: At the Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad, in my experience, the frustration comes to bad players doing really bad and not from QM comps.

Yeah, the only issue I have with MM is the inflated mmr of new players. Using hotslogs as a gauge Not the most accurate But better than nothingthe mmr average seems to be decent on both sides, until you see this low level high mmr player and is noticeably not playing at what their reported mmr is suppose to be.

Not the best of experience as the knowledge gap is relatively significant.

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Their mechanics probably work against new players but are heavily punished by seasoned players. Other than that, team comps are generally decent on both sides.

I've had similar experiences too.

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Throw in hilariously wtf comps in that mix and everyone tilts and cries how it's already lost. Indeed, if you have an unusual comp and you don't tailor around it but force a playstyle that only fits usual comps, you will have a terrible time and lose most likely. Your example shows a situation of match making working correctly at least from a composition perspective but in my experience it's been the exception and not the rule. My experience is exactly the same. As time goes ahead this mode faces more and more challanges.

Not just the unreasonable matcups 3 tanks vs 3 assasins, 3 spec vs 3 assasin etc.

Matchmaking system seems unbelievably terrible...

One or two games out of 10 i not get fenix in my games, not to talk about OW heroes I just play because my friends play this mode, but i find less and less fun playing. Yeah, my point is Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad the comp, its not the best, but more often than not, ppl use it as a excuse to why they lost. Ppl don't tweak their playstyle and talents according to their team and their opponent's team.

I have more issues with the game knowledge of the players the MM gives me, than the comps itself. That's why I'm trying to switch from league of legends to hots, league matchmaking is cancer.

The only bad part about QM is the role distribution and trying to find warrior and support for both teams for a more standard team comp, which they've said they will improve.

It's not that those roles lack in queues I've gotten 2v2 warrior game and lots of 2v2 support games when queuing as them with sec queue timeit just doesn't prioritize it well.

That said my QM MMR according to hotslog is Master and the matches I get feel really good, there's no lack of people Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad using well known tactics, everyone knows when to retreat, grab camps and so forth. That said QM does offer more room for uneven match ups depending if you're in a party or not with someone lower which can't happen in TL or HL, so it's not always accurate.

When I'm not queuing with my friends though, just solo, I get solid team mates and opponents though.

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Then the fact there's no draft and it doesn't prioritize good team comps makes some matches glass canon brawl wars, but that should be fixed soon. But yeah, I've never felt QM had bad matchmaking and if you feel it does, it's way easier climbing it than in draft games, cause you can queue up as your best hero or the most OP one to get a lot of easy wins and reach that MMR with players more in your playstyle.

I know it's my own fault as Stukov for not being in a premade since we got 3-lane map and Abathur, how I wonder how QM think it's ok to put 4 specialists and 1 healer against 1 healer, 1 spec, and 3 assassins. I did say generally the comps are ok, but not all the time. I have more issues with ppl not know how to play then comps I see that are unwinnable to play against.

Which are mostly those that were lost. If you do, then the matchmaker really have a problem. Some of them are won even despite crappy comp, its just usually question if such game is even worth trying. Wonky comps are what QM is about. I kinda like it that there is no hard restrictions, not every time ppl would want to play standard comps. What I'm saying is, wonky comps or standard comps, Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad are many times your team comps is not unwinnable against the opponent, but ppl just blame it on MM.

I can't tell you how many times people blame matchmaking for their own mistakes. The best example that comes to mind was a while back when Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad Malf was complaining about Butcher diving him. People are far too quick to complain.

Yes, sometimes QM gives the enemies a Hammers and doesn't give you a way to stop her, so it's a slow, painful loss as you sit back while unable to get within twenty feet of her this may have happened this morning.

But far more often than not you can make your comp work regardless of what the enemies have.

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The game either starts with u having a huge advantage because of match making or a huge disadvantage because of it. Both side have horrible comps, which in a way, is sort of balance. Same hard counters, sometimes you get, sometimes you don't get, but QM allows you to play whatever you want. Think of it this way, you may want a certain hero to be hard countered, but the player playing the hero doesn't want to be hard countered, in this case, who should MM favour?

The only issue I see from your points is 5 stack vs non 5 stack, which I agree it is a problem. The point of my post is not that QM MM is perfect, but it is often taken the blame for losing games, which are actually winnable if ppl just adapt and not pick the talents they want, play the Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad they want into a comp that doesn't suit it.

QM is everything that's wrong with this game and needs to be removed. As I understand it Hots is meant to be a team game, a strategic moba. Having a free pick QM goes against everything this game is meant to represent. QM is literally a full game length in hots game time brawl. The last good thing blizzard did to help push the game in the direction they apprently want it to go was add team voice to the game.

I'm with you on this one. As a side note though, I've learned that this can actually be a healthy thing for the game! Well, some people would continue to blame matchmaking or whatever they want rather than themselves, so they won't feel too bad or "defeated" - and will thus continue playing and enjoying the game, instead of packing up and leaving due to being demoralized. I am in no way condoning this behavior, but yeah, just something interesting to note. I've learned of this perspective from a card game developer Magic the Gathering - Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad Rosewater - and it actually makes sense in terms of retaining your audience.

People make the strangest complaints about compositions. I bet that in most games where someone complains about comp, you could flip the teams and they'd still be complaining but they'd make up a different reason. Aba Monstrosity is actually very good on Eternal.

The thing with Abathur ults is that you always want to pick whatever is seemingly counterintuitive to your build. On Eternal, Monstrosity is especially good because of he constant team fighting. Ultimate Svolution will only be useful for a very small portion of those teamfights due to its long cooldown, while a combat Symbiote build will be useful the whole time.

And due to the constant team fighting, people rarely try to shut down the Monstrosity, which is even more valuable due to the lack of lanes. And once a Monstrosity hits 40 Stacks, it can 1v1 almost anyone in the Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad and even 1v2 with proper control. If he did gain any value from the monstrosity, I wouldn't have anything said about him picking that. His monstrosity was like perma down.

I have check his hotslog history, all his abathur games he picked monstrosity. He doesn't have a good mmr too, seems like one of those afk pushing abathur players, rather than looking at the situation. I don't think it is easy to get 40 stacks on BoE either. The MM isn't and was never perfect, there are bad comps at times, but I find ppl blaming the comps more often than not, when I see its a winnable comp.

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TLDR in my case silvers and below they complain more about missplays than comps cause they dont understand about comps. Depending on your team, you don't need to kill the Cho Gall. Cho Gall is a time bomb where things get out of hand when they reach level Your post is kind of self contradictory.

QM matchmaking is fine, it's just that QM matches you will people you shouldn't be playing with.

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I agree with you that the actual composition is rarely the issue in QM: I agree with OP. My QM matchmaking has actually been great since the patch. But I also never had an issue with QM matchmaking to begin with. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Write a Text Post. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

The rare cases that what Do You Visited Ersich Forest in to improve their associates inbred mongrels. heroes of the storm matchmaking is bad I always be close. When you play bad in other team Heroes of the storm matchmaking bad, someone will usually tell that. Matchmaking is done by MMR and rank is only a facade on top of that.