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Finding the right Facebook fans can be tough. Quantity is nice, but quality is better: Good Facebook strategy is about attracting the right users and adding value so that these users become your customers and share your posts with more users with similar interests.

Interest lists are a great way for me to categorize different sorts on content on Facebook. I personally have lists that contain Pages I like and lists Facebook australia search people that post about Social Media, music, Marketing, local news, sports and a bunch of other stuff that interests me.

Places to look for 3somes

Basically, Interest Lists are my map to the Facebook content I want to see. So, how do you build a good Interest List?

Well, it starts with Graph Search. Used together, Facebook Graph Search and Interest lists can help you find interesting content, engage with fans, find new fans and increase your reach.

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This is all done in three easy steps. Lets start by searching for Pages that you, your fans and your audience is interested in. I start with a very simple search: First, I go to the Page.

The image at right shows how to click on the Gear Icon under their Cover Photo. I then give the List Facebook australia search fitting name and choose whether I want the list to be public, available to my friends or just available to me. By clicking on Done I have now created my list and I can now very easily add more Pages to this list by visiting their Facebook Page, clicking the gear Icon and adding the Page to my new list.

Step 1: Use Graph Search

Therefore, I will add my new list to my Favorites with the little pencol icon next to the new list and select Add to Favorites. This will place the list in my Favorites, which I always see to Facebook australia search left when I log in on Facebook. So what can you do with it?

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So, there you have it: Interest Lists and Graph Search are two features that will help you find and engage with your target Facebook community, and making them a part of your daily routine is as easy as Use Graph Search Lets start by searching for Pages that Facebook australia search, your fans and your audience is interested in.

Here are some more examples of narrower searches that might be useful to you: Find stuff to post about. Are there any particular posts in your list that engage a lot of users?

Do you have anything interesting to add on the subject? By adding your opinions and comments on posts that your fans find interesting, you engage with your fans and you get the chance to find new followers. Be sure to use your opportunities wisely, and post smart and relevant content that is interesting to your audience.

Do you use Interest Lists? What do you think of the tips given in this blog post?


Want more Facebook marketing tips? Like us on Facebook! January 28th, by Robert Rydefalk.

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