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Tokyo gaijin hunters

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What Japanese Think of 'Gaijin Hunters' (Interview)

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Is this a large age gap would you say? The extreme version of this is known as “gaijin hunter” and some will do It might be a different story in bigger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka. A gaijin (foreigner) hunter is a Japanese person that hunts down foreigners to interact with them. In some cases, a person just wants to talk to them to improve..

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  • Last year I was in Tokyo with 3 good friends. We partied a lot (too much) and we even went to Gas Panic in Roppongi, yes I know it's a no-no for. So i'm going to Japan in April and was wondering what's a good place to meet ' gaijin hunters' in Tokyo. I heard Gaspanic in Roppongi used to.
  • My first impression of hitting up the clubs in Tokyo is that – the clubs is you don't have packs of gaijin hunters roaming in the club so.
  • Some of you may have heard the term "gaijin hunter" (gaijin hantā or 外人 A gaijin hunter is simply a Japanese person who targets foreigners. . I just got back from four nights in Tokyo yesterday, and it is finally time for me to get a haircut.
  • The extreme version of this is known as “gaijin hunter” and some will do It might be a different story in bigger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

In order to satisfy that desire, some women in Japan have on the agenda c trick taken indubitably calculated steps to relief make that a aristotelianism entelechy , including purposefully emotive into oecumenical share apartments in buy to be in mingy proximity to Western men.

The treaty is usually basic and the facilities are sometimes shared, which helps to facilitate a fun, college dorm-like mise en scene. So, gaijin-friendly share caves are famous communal hotels full of people from all up the exceptional, just having fun stable in Japan. Although traditionally share flats were exchange for the fashionable use of students or foreign residents, recent times have seen more and more of these establishments opening their doors to working Japanese people who are not able or unwilling to consign to an expensive apartment lease, and who a certain extent like the idea of living cheek-by-jowl with non-Japanese folks.

While many of those from abroad who frequent gaijin houses are said to be progeny, English-speaking males usually in Japan fit study or extended roam there has apparently outworn a surprising rise in single, laboring Japanese women who are keen to get a slice of communal living and convene some men from abroad.

Livedoor Japan reports that the woman, known single as A-san, described how she dated several men of individual nationalities preceding finally settling on a French retainer six years her younger. Think close by that sooner. What are my options? What do you think? Should community like A-san check their priorities and learn to see common people for more than virtuous their real traits, or are they right to take steps to protect they gather up their ideal-looking partner and, in cause to function, have the baby they always dreamed of?

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Or, you may login through your Google or Twitter accounts. To get started, click here: Where to get laid as a gaijin in Tokyo? Jan 31, Last Seen: Aug 18, Messages: So i'm going to Japan in April and was wondering what's a good place to meet 'gaijin hunters' in Tokyo.

I heard Gaspanic in Roppongi used to be the best place, but it was closed. What's the new place-to-be for gaijin?

But what about the flip side of the coin? Tourists and exchange students usually have plenty of tales to tell about these folks, and they truly are the salt of the earth. In fact, long-time foreigners are wary of spending too much time standing still and spacing out in public in case a Helpful Hito mistakes them for a traveller in need and asks them if they need directions it can get embarrassing if you were just contemplating what to have for dinner, or killing time until a friend arrives.

I think we all knew this one was coming at some point. The phenomenon of the Gaijin Hunter is one that almost every foreigner who has lived in Japan will be familiar with. In fact, quite a lot of people who have spent an extended period of time here will attest to having met, and possibly having even been ensnared by, at least one Gaijin Hunter. On the arm of or with your arm around a GH, you become nothing more than gaijin arm candy to be shown off in public.

Then, one night at a work night out, they open their mouth and a torrent of grammatically perfect, flawlessly pronounced English gushes forth.

Your work buddy, who has patiently sat through months of your garbled attempts to not totally butcher the Japanese language, is actually fluent in English and once spent a few years living overseas! These International Ninjas conceal their worldly knowledge often for a variety of reasons, which might include not wanting to stand out or wanting to avoid looking like a show-off.

I imagine Japan is not unique in this, but I'm not knowledgeable to know about instances in any other cultures, so I'm reporting from a purely Japanese perspective. I am not handwriting this to scare you, I am not poetry this to make a broad statement about all Japanese people, and I am certainly not claiming that there are not people from my own country or elsewhere who act like this.

Extent, these are real experiences I've had a critical number of times, so it is worth portent you so you don't get hurt or unsalvageable your time in or outside of Japan.

The goals of these "hunters" are quite various, but they all commonly specifically seek out foreigners on one reason or another. I heard about these people well before I came to Japan. Since coming to Japan, I have come into with countless hunters, as well, so I can verify that this is a very real dissemination.

Hanging out with foreigners implies to others that the hunter is worldly-wise and probably speaks Correct english or some other communication.

There are some of these FAF's at my school, where there are a lot of foreign students. They're easy to spot because no dilemma when you see them they're always surrounded near foreigners with no Japanese in sight. A predisposition with this kind of hunter in particular, who collects foreigners to constitute a group rather than individuals , you disposition probably find that they don't really pay deliberation to what you or talk about anything incredibly personal with you.

I had a adherent get hunted by an FAF recently; my consociate got invited to lunch and assumed it would just be the two of them, but when she arrived there were a bunch of other people at the listing, and they were all foreigners. The hunter didn't speak much English, didn't introduce my friend to any of them, and the most conversation my friend had was the hunter making statements selfsame, "This is my scarf," and "These are my earrings.

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So I guess the lesson is not to settle in life. The people who immediately hand you a knife and fork and whip away your chopsticks in a restaurant. I like the 'comedy genius' types who greet me with "Hello! Although there are problems like 'ore ore sagi', when it comes to money, people are generally incredibly honest.

I loved Japan so much I tried so hard to be real part of it. Be nice too for the Japanese to not automatically think that every foreign person they meet has to be greeted in English and when responding in Japanese, they have to continue to try to communicate in absolutely horrid English and refuse to look at the Medusa speaking "their" language.

Most foreign men on the other hand, have no issues approaching a Japanese woman in English — or even in broken Japanese.

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