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Is it safe to travel to ensenada

Naked Gallery Is it safe to travel to ensenada.

We have a wedding to go to in Ensenada and we're flying to San Diego. What is the safest way to evade to there? Some friends participate in discouraged us from going at all. What do you guys say? Its very safe and ensenda is a lovely hamlet with friendly people..

The other way is to take the abc bus from tijuana to ensenada and enjoy the extensive view from the bus and no interruption They have elevated wine tasting and restraunts and knick knack shop

US warns against traveling to 5 Mexican states

Safe travel to Ensenada, Baja California - Ensenada Forum

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Is it safe to travel to ensenada When coffee meets bagel

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Is it safe to travel to ensenada

Whirlwind Romance... Keep at it or back off? The U.S. State Department issued an updated travel advisory for parts of California tourist areas including Ensenada, Rosarito and Tijuana. There have been a few reports of some violence around Ensenada, although it fly into Southern Baja, there should be no cause for any changes to your travel..

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Things to do in Ensenada with Mariana Hammann

I am visiting Ensenada in August and have never been to Mexico. I've gotten mixed responses about my trip, many saying it's safe just be cautious and others being close minded. Can I please get some feedback to calm any nerves I may have?

I would like to enjoy my vacation. Of course it is safe, unless you go into Ensenada bars, swinging your fists at the locals and screaming profanities, there is little that can go wrong. Americans are sich a frightened flock. I've been driving to Baja for 20 years, my girlfriends and I used to camp on the beach. Embarrassed to admit, that my Spanish is minimal at best. I'm a gringo in every sense of the word, I follow the laws and in all these trips we have never had an incident that made me feel unsafe.

My husband and I are driving to Ensenada next week. We will be stopping in Valle de Guadalupe , just East of Ensenada for wine tasting and lunch - the wine and farm-to-table gastronomy are mind blowing. Take precautions as you would in any tourist area in the US i. Most importantly have a fabulous time in beautiful Ensenada!

Baja Safety

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