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How to hide phone numbers on cell phone bill

Pron Pictures How to hide phone numbers on cell phone bill.

There are many reasons why you might not want your outgoing phone calls to appear on your cell phone bill. Maybe you are having an affair and want to keep it a secret. Perhaps you like to call a phone sex line once in a while, just to release some steam. Or maybe you enjoy talking with strangers on your favorite party line.

Whatever your reason is, it is possible to hide both your outgoing and incoming calls if you are using a smart phone. There are a few effective ways for preventing a phone number from appearing on your cell phone bill.

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Adding a secondary line or a disposable number to your mobile device comes with a minimum cost or sometimes completely free. This will help a great deal in protecting the secrecy of the dialed numbers. There are various apps that are available to serve the purpose.

Google Voice is one of the common apps that allows users for call forwarding, text messaging, and so on. When you have an account in Google, you are entitled to make calls to the other Google users. This comes as a free service and you can use the available WiFi at home.

This will make sure that your dialed history is not reflected in your mobile bill as this comes a secondary line option in your mobile device. Line2 app which works based on the cloud computation. This allows a single received call to be shared across multiple devices. It comes with a minimum cost and the free version comes with a limited functionality. The mobile version of this app is available for the users to make calls using the IP address.

The users are bound to redirect any incoming calls towards a secondary phone line. Hence, privacy is maintained in this case.

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Pinger is useful when the users make communication with the people who do not have a free texting or calling facility. By signing up in this app, the users receive a new number plus ten minutes of free talk time.

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You can even use your computer to communicate with your friends across the world. The texting service comes free for lifetime with this app.

These apps aim at erasing the dialed number and converting them into disposable numbers so that the complete history of the contact is hidden from the mobile phone bill.

Burner App helps in keeping your mobile number more secure and private. It allows calling and text services from the burner number and this number can be burnt anytime. Later this number will produce an out of service message when contacted.

This is a brilliant option for those looking for a private contact that should not be known to others or even reflect in your mobile bills.

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Hushed works similar to Burner. It gives you unlimited hushed numbers and they can be disposed of any time.

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The privacy feature in this app is appreciable because every hashed number you use never traces back to your original phone number. RingMeMaybe generates a phone number that can be used as a secondary line on your existing device.

It can be used and disposed of as when needed by the user. This app will require a minimum credit value after seven days of free service. MaskMyNumber app is a tricky app that fakes your caller id. This is discussed here because it hides your identity and thus provides secrecy about you calling someone. Though it is developed for pranking your friends, it may be of some help to hide your privacy from others. HideMyPhone is termed as a privacy app as it uses a different phone number from your personal number and hides it completely.

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But the app developers have taken care about avoiding any illegal activities through their app. A virtual phone number, as the name suggests, does not directly associate with the normal telephone line and it is programmed to forward the incoming calls to the priority set numbers by the user.

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