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Social penetration theory of pyschology

XXX Video Social penetration theory of pyschology.
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  • The social penetration theory (SPT) proposes that, as relationships develop, interpersonal communication moves from relatively...
  • Social penetration theory was developed to explain how information exchange functions in the theory operates, elaborating on social...
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  • Explanations > Theories > Social Penetration Theory clich s like 'Life's...

The social penetration theory SPT proposes that, as relationships unfold, interpersonal communication moves from relatively frivolous, non-intimate levels to deeper, more cherished ones. Altman and Taylor notes that relationships "involve otherwise levels of intimacy of exchange or degree of sexually transmitted penetration". The common penetration theory is known as an objective theory as opposed to an interpretive theory, sense that it is based on compilations drawn from experiments and not from conclusions based on individuals' specific experiences.

The social incisiveness theory states that the relationship growth occurs primarily in the course self-disclosure , or intentionally revealing intimate information such as personal motives or desires, feelings, thoughts, and experiences to others.

This theory is also guided by the assumptions that relationship expansion is systematic and predictable. Through self-disclosure, relationships development pursues particular trajectory, stirring from superficial layers of exchanges to more intimate ones. Social penetration theory is based on four basic assumptions.

For instance, on a first age, people tend to present their outer images only, talking about hobbies. As the relational maturing progresses, wider and more controversial topics such as bureaucratic views are included in the conversations. Second, interpersonal pertinencys develop in a generally systematic and predictable manner.

Social penetration theory of pyschology

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Social Penetration Theory

How we change what others think, feel, believe and do. As relationships develop, they penetrate deeper and deeper into private and personal matters. This exposes vulnerabilities, so trust has to be developed along the way. We now start to reveal ourselves, expressing personal attitudes about moderate topics such as government and education.

This may not be the whole truth as we are not yet comfortable to lay ourselves bare. We are still feeling our way forward. This is the stage of casual friendship, and many relationships do not go past this stage. Now we start to talk about private and personal matters.

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Social penetration theory of pyschology

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Social penetration theory of pyschology

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  • It is also used in other fields of study such as psychology to explain the interaction between people. The social penetration theory has also been used as a.
  • Social Penetration Theory: Definition & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript |
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Tell him I'm not interested or just ignore? Social penetration theory was developed to explain how information exchange functions in the theory operates, elaborating on social penetration as a process through which people. “peel back” . The social psychology of groups. New York . Explanations > Theories > Social Penetration Theory clich s like 'Life's like that', following standards of social desirability and norms of appropriateness. 2..

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Social Penetration Theory

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