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As a teenager I was a Bruce Lee fan, and my favorite movie by him was Fist of Fury originally released as The Chinese Connection in Americawhich was released in After recently revisiting the film, one of the things that stood out to me was that Fist of Fury was the most politically and historically charged of Bruce Lee's films.

For this reason I think Fist of Fury is also a very important film for understanding the role that movies can have in helping a people or nation collectively face and overcome historical traumas. The film is set during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai.

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Although China at the time that Fist of Fury was released was decades removed from the Japanese invasion and occupation depicted in the film, the film's massive popularity was a testament to the chord that the nationalist message of Fist of Fury struck with Chinese audiences. Audiences are reported to have stood up and cheered some of the scenes in the movie.

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The Japanese invasion of China was the final blow in a series of defeats for the Chinese people. The first blow came at the hands of the British during the First Opium War. This defeat began what some refer to as the "century of humiliation" in China, in which China's power and prestige faded as Westerner powers and Japan would assert their dominance over the Chinese population.

China would suffer another defeat in at the hands of the British and French in the Second Opium War. The most traumatic period of this century of humiliation were the defeats at the hands of Japan.

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The First Sino-Japanese War began in This conflict began over the control of Korea, which was at the time under China's sphere of influence in Asia. Going into the war China had a much larger army, but Japan, which had become more technologically advanced, had better equipment and weaponry. Bythe war was over and the terms of peace were humiliating for China. Aside from losing Korea, which would go on to become the independent Korean Empire, China also ceded the island of Taiwan to Japan.

Japan also established control of Manchuria. Although Korea established itself as an independent nation, Korea would also fall under Japanese rule in The Second Sino-Japanese War was much bloodier and destructive than the first. It is estimated that as much as 20 million Chinese citizens were killed as a result of this war.

One of the worst incidents Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene the conflict was the Nanking Massacre also known as the Rape of Nanking.

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The Japanese troops massacred as many asChinese civilians. Aside from the murders, hundreds of thousands of women were raped. Soldiers went from house to house raping women. After being raped, the women were often executed in a number of horrific ways, including having their vaginas being penetrated with bayonets, bamboo poles, and other objects. Others were captured and held as sex slaves.

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