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How is hiv transmitted sexually

Hot Nude How is hiv transmitted sexually.

HIV can only be transmitted from an infected person to another through direct contact of bodily fluids such as:.

Blood contains the highest concentration of the virus, followed by semen, followed by vaginal fluids, followed by breast milk. Sexual intercourse vaginal and anal: Unprotected anal and vaginal intercourse are high-risk activities.

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In the penis, vagina and anus, HIV may enter through cuts and sores many of which would be very small and hard to noticeor directly through the mucus membranes. Oral sex mouth-penis, mouth-vagina: The virus can't survive well in the mouth in semen, vaginal fluid or bloodso the risk of HIV transmission through the throat, gums, and oral membranes is lower than through vaginal or anal membranes.

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Having an STI, cuts or mouth sores, recent dental work or bleeding gums may increase risk for HIV infection during oral sex. Sharing injection needles or works: Sharing needles or other materials used for injecting is considered a high-risk practice.

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Injection needles can pass blood directly from one person to another if you share them. If a person with HIV injects with a needle then shares it with another person, the second person is at very high risk for getting HIV. Mother to child transmission is now rare in the U.

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