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Abuja capital territory nigeria

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Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. Since most Nigerian government agencies are now headquartered in Abuja and most other countries' embassies have been relocated from Lagos to Abuja, it is a surprisingly expensive city. In the aftermath of the Nigerian-Biafra War, the Nigerian government sought to locate its capital in a location not predominated by any one ethnic group. The site of Abuja was chosen for the Federal Capital Territory as it was centrally located and had few existing residents.

Plans for Abuja were first announced by decree in Most of the construction for city began in the 's. Today, it is Africa's only purpose-built capital city.

It has an excellent road network, beautiful rolling terrain and modern Nigerian architecture, however this focus on the Abuja capital territory nigeria means it is a difficult city for pedestrians. Abuja capital territory nigeria

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As in the rest of Nigeria, electric power is erratic. Abuja features a tropical wet and dry climate with a warm and humid season and a blistering dry season. The dry season lasts from November to March and it's characterised by scorching heat, clear skies and occassional sandstorms caused by the harmattan wind.

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The warm and humid season lasts from April to October and is characterised by sweltering days, cool nights and pouring rain. There are no direct flights to Abuja from the United States. Although it is possible to fly directly from the U.

The Federal Capital Territory, commonly...

The international and domestic terminals in Lagos are not connected and transferring between terminals is a hassle. Furthermore, domestic Nigerian airlines will allow only one bag to be checked on Abuja capital territory nigeria charge, even if your international arriving flight had a larger baggage allowance.

The airport is located approximately 40 kilometers from the city center. Although construction has begun on a light-rail system to the city center, for now cars are the only realistic way to get to the city.

The Federal Capital Territory, commonly...

If your hotel or employer is sending someone to pick you up, get the name of that person and the license plate number of the vehicle in advance.

If you do not have a vehicle pre-arranged, take an official green-colored taxi. The preferred bus service would be ABC transport.

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However, you are advised to take only day trip buses from Lagos or Kano. You must be conscious that bus trips are not the safest as in rare situations buses have been attacked by robbers. If you're unfamiliar Abuja capital territory nigeria the country, do not take a bus without an escort. Buses allow you to appreciate the terrain, the towns and cities and the subtle changes in these and culture as you drive towards the capital either from the south or the north.

The building is meters wide and meters long and 50 meters high.

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