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Celia, that is fascinating!

Brides for Indians Review of...

Thanks for sharing that. I've heard of the book, but I didn't know anything about it. I had no idea such an proposal was offered by the Cheyenne to the US president. Even though this is a fictional novel, I am intrigued by this "could have happened" scenario. This was a very interesting Brides for indians subject, Celia.

Now, let me see if I have this correct?

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There really was no Mary Dodd? I read all the way to the end thinking the book he wrote was based on his true life relative.

One Thousand White Women: The...

Now I think that was part of the author's imagination? Connie--The reviews--numbered in the high s--are interesting to read, too. His book was not liked or appreciated across the board.

In fact, some believe the story was about one of his ancestors. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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I found it very entertaining. The book club I belong to here in town--I've been a member for about 30 years--chose this years ago as a selection, and most of my co-members did not like it. I imagine some just didn't like the idea of a western historical novel. Linda--I'm not surprised you picked up on this. The author created J.

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Will Dodd, just as he created May Dodd. But this little explanation Brides for indians name of her "relative" caused many to believe it was true. You have a keen sense of understanding the truth in a book.

Thank you for visiting--you know I appreciate it. This is so interesting, Celia.

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I'll have to get this book. As Sarah mentioned even though the original proposal failed, I'm fascinated by the "what if?