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Funny memes about men vs women

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2. Men see red, purple, pink; women see cayenne, maroon, plum, orchid, lavender...

1. Women view yoga as relieve, relaxation and exercise; men view yoga as a sea of...

Funny memes about men vs women By Melody Oei — 07 Nov , Questions to ask a new person you are dating Top catholic books Coolest profile pictures ever

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Funny memes about men vs women 491

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Women friendships work very differently from men friendships. Women also perceive self image differently than men do. They say men are from mars and women are from venus. Women always never have anything to wear while men may feel the same about console games. Men are like Bluetooth; women are like Wi-Fi. When a woman pukes, fellow women saviours come to her rescue.

Funny memes about men vs women 32 Funny memes about men vs women

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Hilarious Gender Differences ⚤ Men VS Women

Anyone else have a big lump on their jaw? Come here for a collection of pro-feminist quotes, and memes supporting women's If Men Could Get Pregnant . Funny Feminist Quotes. People are having some fun with this image of a guy whispering something into his girlfriend's ear. People started out with serious suggestions of things women..

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45 memes men probably...

Man doesn't log onto Facebook for a week, gets one notification; woman doesn't log on for a week, gets Men see red, purple, pink; women see cayenne, maroon, plum, orchid, lavender Women view yoga as relieve, relaxation and exercise; men view yoga as a sea of You Hate Eye Bags?

Men are like Bluetooth; women are like Wi-Fi. Nothing but a t-shirt:

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