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After the birth of her first child several years ago, year-old Moran Ifergan developed postpartum depression. Her husband at the time, celebrity chef Assaf Granitwas busy with his career and constantly traveling abroad.

Her mother and sisters, hardworking blue-collar women, were in Beersheba, while she lived in Jerusalem, separated from them both by distance and by the class and cultural barriers she had crossed to become a feted documentary filmmaker.

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It was in that state of mind that she began visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem, where she sat quietly and filmed. Her feeling of melancholy jibed well with the women who were praying, ruminating and seeking spiritual solace all around her.

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Ifergan returned to the site many times over more than a year and filmed whatever she saw there: The result is a funny, moving and entrancing one-hour documentary. While she was filming, Ifergan received phone calls from people in her life: She juxtaposed the soundtrack of the phone calls with the video of events at the Western Wall, thereby connecting national events and trends with her personal circumstances.

In one scene, a pair of legs, presumably those of the director, walk resolutely across a stone pavement. In our last conversation you were too enthusiastic about that author who stuck her head in an oven, Virginia Woolf…ah, no, it was Sylvia Plath, sorry.

I know how lonely it can be in Jerusalem. And all your depressing beliefs about the world, that life is hard and that all men cheat.

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I want you to come to Tel Aviv, and see that the sun shines here. So what if you got married?

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You can change your mind and do things differently. As the recorded message ends, we see that the director has arrived at her destination, not sunny Tel Aviv, but the ancient Temple retaining wall whose cracks are filled with multicolored notes from worshipers.

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She asks if he would like her to put a note in the wall for him. I wish that I will be sensitive enough to be a good father and that one day you will see me in a different light and love me again. In the next scene, janitorial workers can be seen removing thousands of notes from the wall and putting them in a trash bag.

Much of the film features conversations between the filmmaker, her mother and her sister. The viewer never sees the women but merely hears their voices. A still from "The Wall" by Moran Ifergan.

Photo courtesy of Lev Cinemas. Documentary filmmaker Moran Ifergan Facebook screenshot.

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