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Married men that masturbate

Pics Gallery Married men that masturbate.

I happened upon the website TheMarriageBed.

Here is some of the data that they provided on the subject matter:. About one in six is masturbating no more than once a month.

I happened upon the website...

Based on the notes, a lot of this is men who only masturbate when they are away from their wife. Half of the men are masturbating every 5 to 15 days; this is a moderate amount.

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As above, some of this is due to temporarily being away from their wife. Many men masturbate as often as they would be having sex if they were with their wife.

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One man in six is masturbating every 2 to 4 days; this is what is normal for a young single man with no other sexual outlet. This is fairly high, and this level of masturbation is often but not always driven by porn use.

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One man in 20 is masturbating six or seven times a week. This may be a habit left from before marriage.

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One man in forty is masturbating more than daily. This could be anything from eight times a week to several times a day. See our article on Chronic Masturbation.

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