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Dating a smoker as a non smoker

Nude 18+ Dating a smoker as a non smoker.
For many men and women,...

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 of Would you date someone who smokes if you were a non-smoker? Should I say something about it being a huge turn off for me, or should I not even bother? Should I just accept it or gtfo? I smoke, not proud of it, but I'm very conscious of who I smoke around. If I'm seeing a Dating a smoker as a non smoker who doesn't smoke then I wouldn't smoke when I was around her.

If I were serious about her, I would get an electronic cigarette to use when I'm with her and save the real ones when she's not around. Or I'd just use her as motivation to quit.

Dating a Smoker is Like...

I don't think he quite understands how bad he smells to you. You should communicate it to him and try to find a compromise. Originally Posted by IawI. I couldn't date somebody who is an avid smoker, no.

I've dated guys who would have one on the rare occasion, but that's about it. If you are looking for a non smoker lover I think it's better to go to the monastery. Or was that just some inside funny misc joke lol.

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And smoking is more socially accepted now more than it has ever been FYI. Dunno smokes when drinks Would wanna make sure anyone I was wife wood be there long enuff to care for babies!!!!!!

So what happens when you're...

Give her good d in exchange for quitting. Smoking can absolutely hurt a relationship. I've been with women who are regular smokers and it is a BIG turn off and part of the reason I stopped seeing them.

That being said, my gf of 14 months smokes but very rarely. She sneaks in one or two cigarettes a day when we are together.

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That doesn't bother me as much, but I notice how she doesn't have as much endurance when we run, bike or hike and that can be a little annoying. She says she is trying to quit, and I believe she will. Don't even date "ex smokers" because as soon as you are in a social environment they are off to the smoke pit with other smokers.

Smokers are so mind numbingly robotic and lack all self control. I don't even like going to bars where people can smoke.

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Girl is winded walking up a half a flight of stairs. No lost to many family members to that chit.

Have any non-smokers had experiences...

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it. Once worked with a girl who smoked but once we began hanging out and she knew of my stance on smoking she quit immediately. I was actually very surprised, but we ended up dating after that because there was never the smell.

I'm also surprised by some of the replies about smoking being more accepted?

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I go weeks at a time without seeing someone smoking these days. Maybe its more geographical. Never smoked but have dated a guy who did smoke And I would never do it again. Smelly clothes, yellow teeth and fingers, bad breath but worse than all that is when you are out and about, maybe having a meal out and you end up sitting alone half the night because they keep popping out for a cigarette.

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I've never heard of any woman refusing to date a man who smokes Originally Posted by xqwizit. I don't want to be a judgemental jerk because I certainly have my own questionable habits but I couldn't date a smoker. It just turns me off.

Couldn't date a smoker, I have never smoked and have kissed smokers and it didn't taste good, my man needs to taste good. I mean if you let one little thing like smoking ruin an otherwise good relationship then that's your problem. I really hope you don't expect this guy to change for you, and if he does then shame on him.

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