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Does penis size matter to women

Nude 18+ Does penis size matter to women.
What is lost on most...

This fixation is even more pronounced in this modern age of the super-sized everything. Bigger seems to automatically mean better. Men are naturally competitive, and penis size seems to be one more thing to lose sleep over. What is lost on most men is that size does not make you better at pleasing a woman in the same way that bigger fists do not make a better boxer.

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Sex is a game of skill, where effort and knowing what to do counts. Women make no secret of this, and consistently prefer skill over size.

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Size is relative, so it makes sense to define exactly what is meant by small, normal, and of course, large. The best way of doing this is to know exactly what men all over the world are packing between the thighs.

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Science has proven this through numerous studies spanning the last 70 years. This means most women or men cannot accurately differentiate normal penises just by looking. This is unless it is unusually small under 4 inches or quite large over 7. The overly hyped racial differences in penis size are also unproven scientifically, despite their popularity.

The largest penis ever, by the way, is documented at a whopping Just in case you forgot, that is a size between 5. Women on the other hand, have better things to think about during sex.

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You are therefore better off not bothering with your penis size too. All penises are different, and women know this.

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The same way all breasts look different, penises come in various shapes and sizes. This means there is no way of determining the perfect type.

When asked to choose between a larger penis and better sexual skills, women pick skills every time.

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Additionally, your penis looks much more impressive when viewed full frontal by a woman, rather than from an angle by you. Before you wish for a larger member, it pays to consider where you will be packing all that flesh.

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A vagina is only about 3 inches long when not fully aroused, and swells about another inch during sex. This makes the vagina a perfect fit for every size of penis. This makes most of that impressive rod you are packing very unnecessary. Furthermore, only the front third of the vagina actually has the sensitive nerves your penis is supposed to stimulate.

This means all your efforts should be geared towards pleasuring the front of the vagina, and not its deeper reaches.