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Geoff Emerick, Phil McDonald. Abbey Road Anthology 3. The final song on The Beatles' last-recorded album — aside from the second Her Majesty — was a fitting eulogy for the greatest group the world had ever known, and an apt farewell from the band to their legion of fans. John Lennon generally disliked the Abbey Road medley — although he contributed a handful of songs Lyrics beatles lick mind and at one point wanted his and McCartney's songs to be on separate sides of the album.

George Harrison, meanwhile, had grown tired of McCartney's dominance within of the group, and was beginning to devote his energies to other projects. Apart from the generally amenable Ringo Starr, McCartney was the only one fully dedicated to The Beatles until the end, and he recognised that they deserved a proper send-off.

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Beginning with a guitar solo and the lines "Oh yeah, all right, are you gonna be in my dreams tonight? It took some persuading before the group's stalwart drummer agreed to the solo. During recording, the drum solo was originally accompanied by guitar and tambourine, although these were excluded in the final version. They can, however, be heard in a new mix of The End, released in on Anthology 3.

Lyrics to "Yer Blues" song...

It took a while to get right, and I think Paul helped with some ideas, but it's fantastic. I always want to hear more — that's how good it is.

It's so musical, it's not just a drummer going off. The End also features the sound of McCartney, Harrison and Lennon sparring on lead guitars, taking it in turns to perform two-bar sequences over the "Love you, love you" backing vocals. Yoko was about to Lyrics beatles lick mind into the studio with John — this was commonplace by now — and he actually told her, 'No, not now.

Let me just do this. It'll just take a minute.

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Maybe he felt like he was returning to his roots with the boys — who knows? The order was Paul first, then George, then John, and they went back and forth. They ran down their ideas a few times and before you knew it, they were ready to go.

Their amps were lined up together and we recorded their parts on one track. You could really see the joy in their faces as they played; it was like they were teenagers again. One take was all we needed. The musical telepathy between them was mind-boggling. According to Mark Lewisohn, the Lyrics beatles lick mind structure of the song was in place from take one, suggesting the group had spent time rehearsing before recording began.

They taped seven takes of The End. Lewisohn reports that the drum solo developed each time, and the final take was the one considered the best.

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On this first day the song was only 1'20" long — it was later increased to 2'20" with extra overdubs including the sparring guitars, piano, more drums and the orchestral finale. The Beatles returned to Ending on 5 August, taping the first vocals for the track.

More vocals, along with electric guitar, were added on 7 Lyrics beatles lick mind, and the following day more drums and bass were recorded. Recording was completed on 18 August, with the addition of the curiously slightly sharp piano notes, played by Paul McCartney, which herald the celebrated final words. Just a tiny bit. I always thought this was done intentionally maybe by George Martin to give it a rising effect…. Of course it does — doh! I knew that really, I much have just been careless when writing the article.

I have been browsing the net Lyrics beatles lick mind a comment on that final riff. I agree it is masterful! I definitely hear it too. Somebody at Northern Songs had a tin ear.

I can now hear either lyric at will, but not both at once. Thanks for pointing it out! According to Geoff Emerick: PaulGeorgeJohn. The Beatles were the Best ever. Abbey Road was such a Fantastic LP.

I love the newly remastered songs. They sound so clean nd fresh. THIS is how you end your career as a band flawlessly. Solos from each member of the band, followed by a soft, graceful exit, imparting some final words of wisdom to your fans.

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I could not agree more. For me the only mistake The Beatles ever made, in an otherwise remarkably sure-footed career, was tacking Her Majesty on to The End. The farewell, that could have been in this glorious song is simply trampled on by Her Majesty. Can I blame someone? The last guitar at the end of The End is so beautiful.

I never get enough of that ending. Lyrics beatles lick mind is the end of the beatles.

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They say goodbye excellently. McCartney and Harrison two bars and Lennon 3 bars three times. This is the excellent ending for Lyrics beatles lick mind Road and The Beatles.

I know, Her Majesty cames later, but i always put it in my cellphone between Mean Mr. Mustard and Polythene Pam where it was originally, and it fits well. Imagine John doing one more bar than the others! Count them, they all got two bars each time. I Lyrics beatles lick mind for the last 3 bars, that are of John Lennon. In all the other bars, were two bars for each of the three. But in the last 3 bars are Lennon. I have heard the song many times, and Lennon ends it.

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Think of a bar as eight beats long. But today I listened really hard since everyone here says that there are nine. I finally distinguished them all. Technically, I suppose you are right. The last bit John does play the ONE on a third measure… exactly when the piano comes in… So technically, he did play 3 measures… just most of the third one Lyrics beatles lick mind a rest for John.

Maybe RIngo heard that drum solo somewhere and it crept into his subconscious…. I noticed that similarity to In-a-Gadda-da-Vida from the first time I heard it.

Why Ringo is not credited as back vocal?

Yer Blues Lyrics: Yes I'm...

I had no idea that John turned Lyrics beatles lick mind Yoko when recording this song. That means a lot i think for the band and for fans. When i read that part, it really touched my heart. This is how you break up a band, with a beautiful song and some words of wisdom. Long live The Beatles. Does anybody know the specific orchestra personnel and instruments used at the very end?

I would love to find this info- thanks! A cool guy named Joe listed any possible bits of information about all the songs. They did it together.