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Csc 3rd degree penetration

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These crimes include many varied acts of a sexual nature. In numerous instances, the crime might involve unwanted touches or attempted touching, but not every criminal sexual conduct crime requires the alleged victim be physically touched.

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Notwithstanding of the degree of the charge you are facing, a sex crime allegation can forever change your life. A conviction could even diminish your prospective future relationships and employment opportunities.

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Criminal Sexual Conduct is a charge that may result from sexual contact or penetration with a minor; sex acts accomplished using force or coercion, sexual assault, sex acts committed by an authority figure, or other criminal actions. There are four varying degrees of CSC in Michigan, each with a different set of possible criminal penalties.

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CSC in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree can result in a felony conviction, while 4th degree CSC is a misdemeanor charge. If arrested for a sex offense, contact a lawyer immediately to learn more about which specific laws pertain to your situation.

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Our skilled team of lawyers with over 30 years combined experience in the criminal justice system is ready to provide you with a free introductory case consultation no matter where you reside in Michigan. The ability to give consent is often at the crux of these cases.

Many alleged victims may not be in a position to lawfully provide consent. If the actor is related by blood or in any position of authority the i. Other examples include situations anywhere an alleged victim is incapacitated, threatened by force by the accused, or overwhelmed by the accused.

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Second-degree Criminal Sexual Conduct is very similar to first-degree except it alleges sexual contact, not sexual penetration. However, the most common situation is an allegation of a sexual touching of a child under the age of A person is convicted of Criminal Sexual Conduct in the third degree when the prosecutor can prove sexual penetration with a person who was either Csc 3rd degree penetration in some way, between 13 and 15 years old or that the crime involved force or coercion.

Date rape and statutory rape scenarios are most usually charged as CSC 3rd degree.

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Fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in Michigan is a misdemeanor offense that involves Csc 3rd degree penetration sexual touching. This crime typically includes touching someone for sexual purposes that is a minor, someone with a mental or physical handicap, a close relative, or through the use of a relationship like a teacher with a student, mental health provider with a patient, or prison employee with an inmate.

A common misunderstanding is that persons who are contacted by the police should talk to the investigators without first consulting with a criminal sexual defense attorney.