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Remarrying after death of husband

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Dear PAO, I am a year-old widow who is planning to remarry seven months after the death of my husband sometime this year. We have no children and I have been living alone.


That is why I decided to find someone again who I can be with and spend the rest of my life with. After a few months of serious talk, we decided to get married soon before he leaves for abroad this year.

Is there truth to this? What is this law about?

Widow can remarry 301 days...

Please advise me, so I can confirm if I can remarry soon without violating any law. Dear Alma, The advice given to you by your close friend is incorrect. While it is true that there was a law before that prohibits premature marriage, this law was already repealed by a new law. The law that your close friend refers to is Article of the Revised Penal Code, which states:.

Any widow who shall marry within three hundred and one days from the date of the death of her husband, or before having delivered if she shall have been pregnant at the time of his death, shall be punished by arresto mayor and a fine not exceeding pesos.

The same penalties shall be imposed upon any woman whose marriage shall have been annulled or Remarrying after death of husband, if she shall marry before her delivery or before the expiration of the period of three hundred and one days after the legal separation.

Based on this law, a widow must wait until after the lapse of three hundred and one days from the death of her husband before she can legally remarry. Otherwise, she will be criminally liable for premature marriage.

Aside from the fact, however, that the law requires the lapse of only three hundred and one days, not one year as your friend mentioned, it is important to note that a new law has already repealed this cited law against premature marriage.

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