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Wendy the midgit pornstar

Naked FuckBook Wendy the midgit pornstar.
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In order to watch videos from Wendy Moon you will need to first become a member. Wendy Moon Are you Wendy Moon?

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Are you Wendy Moon? Wendy Moon is doing her challenge and today she has two contestants. Both of them clearly suck with their tiny Wendy the midgit pornstar dicks and absolutely nothing happens leaving Wendy behind completely unsatisfied Another update, another looser! This guy thinks he's the shit but with his mini cock and erection problems he really won't get far.

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Wendy can't help and make fun on him He deserves it, he's an insult to men! Skinny guy, big cock. Today we have a surprise for you.

Wendy has this new guy over who looks super skinny but once he whips out his cock you'll be impressed! At first everything seems to work out but he turns out to be quite a failure since he can't cover Wendy with cum This guy looks like he lost some braincells along the way but when he gets started he actually seems to be up a good start.

However, at some point his dick shrinks to midget size and apparently turns into a vagina There's no fucking with that little thing! Wendy is on it again and today she has a young guy over wanting to proof his skills.

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Unfortunately he has a small dick but he is able to get it up No cumshot though; fail! Wendy has another guy up for the challenge but he should have none that with a micro cock he wouldn't come far!

He actually does get hard but penetration is tricky since he can barely reach her pussy!

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He still manages to come though, so hats off! Wendy Moon and Tarzan are looking for some pussy to fuck on the road but since they've been looking for a while and Wendy is getting bored she decides that she wants the dick right now instead!

Wendy Moon is doing a Wendy the midgit pornstar on how to become the next best male pornstar.

She has quite the crowd but when she invites two contestants to come forward all she ends up with is 2 small dick guys trying to get hard This guy looks like a fashion model.

That means he's probably not into girls either and that explains why he can't get it up!

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He is just failing so awfully, it's sad Luckily we have it on video to make fun of him! Mea Melona is back with her challenge and today she has a guy over who wants to proof himself. At first he struggles, he then actually gets to fuck her and when Wendy Moon Wendy the midgit pornstar in to help things get even better BUT he can't cum Set up for success.

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