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After all, the parents not the judges or lawyers are the ones in the best position to know what that is. For several years now, I have suggested the parenting program, Our Family Wizard, to try to alleviate some of the communication issues I often see in custody and visitation cases.

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It is a program that puts all communications and information about a child in a central location for the parents.

As a guardian ad litem, I have recommended it to get parents to use the same calendar and to have a localized place for sharing medical information, events, and messages.

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It is an ad-on, but it seems like a good idea for parties who tend to get heated over email and text. This program is not cheap, though. And after all of my recommendations, I have had just a handful of clients actually use it, and I have never Our family wizard com any feedback about whether the parents continued to use it, whether it actually helped to address some of the issues, or if it was worth the subscription.

Then recently I was participating in an informal settlement meeting with two parents and an attorney. After working out some of the heftier issues — whether they could continue shared parenting and whether the parenting time should change — the weeds started to take over.

One parent was upset that the insurance cards for the children had not been shared. The other parent got caught up in how they should divide the Christmas holiday. Then the dreaded issue of braces for one of the children came up and we spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how much the bill was, how much each parent owed, how to change the payment plan, and how to keep Our family wizard com of it all.

If the parties can try to plan ahead, share information with each other and not through the kidsand organize their finances regarding the children, these problems can be addressed. These issues just seem overwhelming because they are layered in judgment, assumptions, and emotional responses.

So here again, I asked the parties if they would be willing to try Our Family Wizard.

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After explaining how it might be beneficial, both parents liked the idea but seemed unwilling due to the cost. Children are expensive enough, and now they each have costs related to litigation. I suggested that I Our family wizard com research some calendaring apps, which might not have all of the functionality of Our Family Wizard, but could be used as a cost-effective substitute.

Use the OFW® software suite...

I ended up finding out a lot — here are my experiences trying out several co-parenting apps on my iPhone:.

When I went to this app, it was available for download for free. However, once you login, you are notified that you are using the the program through a free day trial.

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I visited the website, 2houses. So, this option would be slightly less expensive than Our Family Wizard, but the parties will have to agree on how to divide that costs.

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Parents can upload pictures into albums or document folders and can keep track of their communications. The only downfall I could find in my limited use was that there was not an option for reminders or notifications to pop up on your phone.

I might be overlooking this function, so if I find it later, I will update this review.

Use the OFW® software suite...

It turned out to be my top choice for the parents in my example above. It keeps track of messages and shows you the latest when you open the app. Parents have the ability to create events, notify Our family wizard com members, and create reminders. The reimbursement request has an option to attach an image and allows parents to keep track of their share of Our family wizard com expense and payments that are made. This app includes a place to keep important, detailed information about each child, but parents will need to do some customization when it comes to organizing that information.

I found this app easy to navigate and fairly intuitive after getting accustomed to it. This would be the best alternative to the subscription services mentioned above. Also, this app, available at appclose.

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This app is interesting. The download is free, but again, it involves a day trial. The application is very nicely designed and walks you through the setup fairly easily.

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