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Mixed wrestling feminized husbnd domination

Porn archive Mixed wrestling feminized husbnd domination.

He agreed to come to her house and sign a contract stating winner gets to have the loser be their maid. They face off and fight. Savannah has been dancing around him. He threw punches but Savannah is to quick for him.

She pummels Mixed wrestling feminized husbnd domination with hook and belly punches. She gets in a good kidney shot which makes him groan in pain. Seeing her opportunity she jumps him from behind and takes him to the ground in a chokehold. She wraps her thick legs around his body completely immobilizing him.

He is forced to tap out or pass out. She lets him get up and orders him to fight her.

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She taunts him calling him a bitch and pussy. She lunges and punches him in the stomach hard!

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When he is forced to double over in pain she wales on his back, punching each kidney to the point of rupture.

He calls her a ruthless bitch, but she warned him that she was better. She hooks his face right and left, leaving him spinning. He tries to punch her but is stumbling on his feet.

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She laughs in his face as he asks for a minute to gather himself. He tries to shake his head clear and regain his feet as he lunges again.

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Unfazed Savannah delivers a powerful blow to his belly, and then goes in for the ringer. She punches him mercifully, landing punch after punch to his exposed body.

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But she is is not letting him down that easy. She flips him over and jumps on top. She punches his face and he begs for mercy. She punches his face over and over, reminding him he can end it as soon as he taps. Savannah then tells him to take it like a man then and does a ground and pound on his face, delivering over 20 blows! Starting to black out he taps her leg but Savannah punches him again! He desperately taps her leg and she laughs.

She told him that she was the true champion and now he has to pay the price.

She stands on him in victory pose flexing her strong muscles. She is so much stronger and faster then him and now he gets to be her servant! She gets him a skimpy maid outfit and orders him to put it on.

We find him trying to pick up all her clothes as she throws even more at him. She laughs at his humiliating outfit, the entire thing is see though! Savannah is Mixed wrestling feminized husbnd domination up with power and orders him to worship her ass. She is going to completely humiliate him by making him her ass slave. Everybody knows that Danni has a big crush on Chloe, and it is very humiliating for him to be bullied by her with his sister.

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Natalya reveals that she got her brother something special at the mall, an outfit just for him. Chloe giggles as Natalya shows her brother a frilly pair of panties. Danni is not going to put those on! Especially not in front of Chloe! The girls gang up and force Mixed wrestling feminized husbnd domination to strip and put on the panties. They bully him until he does it. Once Danni is in the panties, the girls start to try on their outfit haul.

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