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Men with faces that are wide relative to their length are more formidable fighters, on average. Why choose this competition? Having a wider face was correlated with success in the UFC, in terms of surviving in the competition for longer and clocking up more wins.

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This association remained even after controlling for body size. There were also links between facial width and fighting success when analysis was restricted to Caucasian or non-Caucasian competitors. Dozens of male and female students with no UFC knowledge looked at composites of experienced or inexperienced UFC fighters composites were formed by averaging the faces of 12 fighters from each category.

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The students consistently rated the experienced faces as more deadly. It was a similar story when more students rated composites of wide or thin-faced fighters — the wider faces were rated as more formidable. Finally, the researchers adopted an experimental approach. They manipulated images of the fighters, to make them artificially wider or thinner faced. These results build on past evidence showing that men with wider faces tend to be more aggressive.

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Why should the width of the face be linked to fighting ability? The researchers speculated that one causal mechanism may be higher testosterone levels — certainly past research has shown men with higher basal testosterone have wider faces, as well as greater strength and aggression.

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From a survival perspective, there is also research published this month suggesting that a greater face width-length ratio may be part of a facial structure evolved for resistance to punches. Face of a fighter: Bizygomatic width as a cue of formidability.

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