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Waiters come around with big hunks of Parmesan to grate onto your pasta, which is served in huge portions. The menu is pitch-perfect Italian-American: Your relatives visiting from out of town will love it. The staff gets you in and out quickly.

Now the beloved sandwich slinger has a year-round Boston branch. No frills here, just meaty lobster swirled with traces of mayo and drawn butter. Service is fast and friendly.

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The urge to eat dumplings is strong. Named for operator Bess Lee, the tiny restaurant turns out homey noodle dishes dan dan noodles, pork belly noodle soupscallion-pancake wraps filled with beef, and crispy chicken buns. But its specialty is handmade dumplings, toothsome, carefully pleated wrappers filled with shrimp, pork and chive, and more.

The whole neighborhood piles in to sample all manner of margaritas and an intriguing tequila selection, and the night becomes a party. The menu encompasses honey-glazed biscuits, crawfish and lump crab soup with absinthe, BBQ shrimp, and fried chicken. Drink cocktails by black light in the Voodoo Lounge and let the good times roll.

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We dream of long weekends in Montreal — so close — and yet our local restaurants neglect the rich fare of Quebec. Beverly Hills meets the Back Bay in this loud coral-and-gold room presided over by madcap chef Jason Santos. Here he tackles coastal Mexican cuisine with surprise touches, like blowfish tails and almond jam or crab tostadas showered with fried leeks.

Bachelorette gaggles and boozy thirtysomething birthday revelers, you have found your new oasis. The resulting seasonal cuisine draws on a regional array — sweet potatoes, chestnuts, and venison are among the ingredients taking center stage at the moment.

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Handmade pastas are a highlight, along with a fun bar menu. A roster of ambitious desserts rounds out the meal. East Boston is gentrifying fast, and Cunard Tavern is a symbol of the new Eastie.

Tots in strollers, college pals cramming the bar, suited dudes with suitcases grabbing beers before heading off to Logan — they crowd this people-pleasing Jeffries Point pub for wings, steak frites, and pan-seared scallops.

In with the new. The beloved Portland oyster institution has come to Boston, and the city rejoices. All the favorites are at your fingertips, from sparkling-fresh bivalves to tuna crudo to the cult-following-worthy brown-butter lobster roll on a steamed bao-style bun.

The burger is like a Big Mac for food snobs. Eventide Fenway takes fast-casual form, which makes it particularly well suited for game-day visits.

On the first floor of a historic Masonic lodge across the street from Boston Common, the latest effort from Big Night Entertainment Group Red Lantern, Gem is the day-into-night cafe-restaurant this part of town needed. Beautifully decorated and spacious, Explorateur keeps hours as commodious as its free Wi-Fi and communal tables with outlets.

In a space that looks the creation of Milton harris at asian dating space station woodland elf turned celebrity chef — branches festooned with twinkling lights, hanging bunches of herbs and garlic, an open kitchen — Brady turns out hakurei turnips with ham and cranberries, fried smelts in spicy tomato sauce, sausage with heirloom beans and charred cabbage, and more.

At this bistro that makes the South End feel like France, the wine flows as readily as the neighborly hospitality. The menu hits touchstones such as onion soup, foie gras, coq au vin, and steak frites, along with shishito peppers, kale salad, Milton harris at asian dating space station other pleasant diversions. Open from late morning to late evening, Frenchie is a new reliable. This nightclub and restaurant from the owners of Merengue and Vejigantes offers live jazz and Caribbean food — from empanadas filled with goat cheese and tomato marmalade to seafood-and-rice soup to an impressive fried whole red snapper with tomato-coconut sauce.

For a feast, order a whole roast pig in advance. As elegant and appealing as the food is, what really makes the restaurant memorable is the crack hospitality. Just about everything on the menu also happens to be gluten-free.

Urban carnivores pack this Back Bay meat emporium, a spinoff of the Waltham original, known for charcuterie and sandwiches. Enjoy husky stacks of salami or pork belly washed down with cream soda, or take a loaf of pate or a carton of sauerkraut to go. Lines get long at midday, but staffers circle the frenzied waiting area with trays of thinly sliced meats for snacking — a civilized touch.

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Seafood-focused restaurants have swept the city, and now this corner on the edge of the Back Bay has one too. Mooncusser showcases the talents of chef Carolyn Johnson 80 Thoreau in an upstairs-downstairs scenario.

1. Bencotto

On the ground floor is Moon Bar, which serves lobster rolls, smoked bluefish fattoush, and other casual dishes. The upstairs space offers city views and upscale fare, from turnip soup with poached oysters and pear cream to stuffed skate with lobster and chard, along with a tasting menu of local fish.

This North Cambridge cafe seems straight out of a Goop ad: Indulge with exceptional popovers or house-made bread get yours draped with cold-smoked salmon or caramelized peachesegg dishes like a trout and sorrel omelet, and a thoughtful dinner menu spotlighting pumpkin ravioli and pork sausage with maple mole.

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The whole place feels like a warm designer hug. There may be no more charming corner of the city in which to demolish an assortment of local oysters, with assorted sauces or in gorgeous little landscapes composed on the half shell: Old-school deli, meet new-school deli.

The folks who run Citizen Public Milton harris at asian dating space station, the Franklin Cafe, and Tasty Burger are behind Our Fathers, which specializes in hand-cut pastrami and corned beef, piled onto rye with mustard, pickle on the side.

The restaurant menu also offers dishes that unite Jewish, Israeli, and modern American cuisine. She dishes up bottomless congee, avocado toast, and adzuki bean croissants in the morning; chicken katsu lunch sets at midday; and jamon iberico, tortilla espanola, squid ink oyster bao, and fried rice at night. Clever cocktails round out the picture. Do we really need another Italian-inspired trattoria? A fire crackles in the white-tiled fireplace as a statue of the harvest goddess Demeter looks out over the room: A quintessential neighborhood restaurant that might make you want to move to this neighborhood, between Central and Harvard squares.

In the prime location that used to be Lineage, Prairie Fire puts its wood oven to good use, cooking oysters, vegetables, and especially blistered, crisp-edged pizza, topped with mushrooms, kale, and roasted leeks; fennel sausage, tomato, and cheese; and more.

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