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Never lose hope in latin

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Website The Perseus Project. June 28th, [ mkasupergirl ] Security: I have never taken Latin although it does interest me school never offered it!

I was hoping someone would be able to do a quick translation for me for personal use. I did get a loose translation from a professor here at our school but was hoping someone had maybe a more direct translation.

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Say if people are always saying you can't achieve something, never give up. The translation he gave me was Nolite Umquam Desperare!

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He said it translated into Never lose hope, you all with the you being plural and the singular version was Noli umquam desperare! If anyone could be of help that would be great.

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Thank you for your time!! Leave a comment Comments: Reply Thread dracsmith Link: Reply Thread fenoxielo Link: I find part of the fun is when you have to translate it back to get the meaning fully.

Reply Parent Thread mkasupergirl Link: Forgive me but, what is horace odes?. Reply Parent Thread napoleonofnerds Link: Reply Parent Thread dracsmith Link: Reply Parent Thread jamesenge Link: I had seen it somewhere recently one of Patrick O'Brian's novels, I thinkso it was on the top of my head. Reply Parent Thread dracsmith Subject: And I got into an awesome conversation about period pronunciation of Latin on the searoom listserv a while ago, so it seems only appropriate to have POB come up on the latin community!

Dedicated to your stories and...

Reply Parent Thread jamesenge Subject: Thus the Balance in maintained. I'm crazy about O'Brian's books too.

Still, there are a few...

I opened up Master and Commander a while ago, just intending to browse a bit, really, and now I'm well into The Nutmeg of Consolation. And, yeah, jamesenge 's phrase is probably better. Log in No account?

June 28th, [ mkasupergirl ]. I think your professor's translation is pretty good, but I think "Nolite umquam condonare" might be a little closer to the never give up idea.