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Songs about breaking up but still being in love

XXX Video Songs about breaking up but still being in love.

Breaking up is always difficult.

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Sometimes someone leaves before the time is right, or before truly giving Songs about breaking up but still being in love a chance. If you're longing for another chance, or believe that things ended without the opportunity to address your problems, then this playlist will help you cope. Remember, you're not alone with these trying and complex feelings. Below, you will find a table with 44 songs about missing your ex. Underneath that you can find videos and extra info for each of the songs on this list.

Now every time I see you I pretend I'm fine. When I wanna reach out to you, but I turn and I walk and I let it ride. This is the perfect song if you broke up with him.

“These are all good songs...

Here, Taylor is meeting her ex a while after the breakup, remembering the good times and the bad times, asking for forgiveness and a second chance. There's also an acoustic version.

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I'd go back in time and change it but I can't, so if the chain is on your door, I understand. The feeling that I'm feeling now that I don't hear your voice or have your touch and kiss your lips cause I don't have a choice oh what I wouldn't give to have you lying by my side. This song has Taylor remembering the good times, and thinking how he would have apologized and come back to her if this was a movie.

"I Can't Make You Love...

But I remember how it was back then, locked up in your arms and our friends are laughing, 'cause nothing like this ever happened to them, now I'm pacing down the hall, chasing down your street, flashback to the night when you said to me, "Nothing's gonna change, not for me and you, not before I knew how much I had to lose.

Taylor urges her boyfriend not to leave her, saying he's all she wanted, and that she just knows that he's not gone.

The music at many parts mimics that of a horror flick, to go with the song title. There is an acoustic version of this song too. He will try to take away my pain, and he just might make me smile, but the whole time I'm wishing it was you instead.

If you are dating again and your new guy is perfect, but you still miss your not-so-perfect ex, this country song is just right for you! Listen closely for the wonderful violins! And you were wild and crazy, just so frustrating, intoxicating, complicated, got away by some mistake and now.

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I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain, it's 2 a. Miley Cyrus states the seven things she hates and likes about her ex in this song, saying he has to be the one to apologize and come back, that she won't take the steps. And the seventh thing, I hate the most that you do — you make me love you. And there's two more lonely people in the world tonight. Baby, you and I are just two more lonely people who gave up the fight.

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