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Best cars for millionaires

Naked Pictures Best cars for millionaires.

Switzerland may not be building their own motor cars, but they do rank top of the list for buying luxury cars.

11. Subaru Outback

Switzerland is found to be a Best cars for millionaires home to all luxury vehicle brands and the core of the luxury vehicle market. This is nothing strange when you take into account that Switzerland is also home to super millionaires and a lot of those are already billionaires. The luxury market rank quite high in Switzerland and leading this market is the luxury cars segment.

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A new generation of luxurious, interesting, machines, manufactured to cater to the very richest of the rich, has flooded the vehicle market. These six- and seven-figure price tagged vehicles are now also the fastest-selling products in the automotive business.

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A Porsche will always be known as the Iconic Sports car. Jaguar spells British elegance. Like the Jaguar itself, elegant and full of muscled power, the car named after it is a machine of precision in powerful motion.