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Songs about goodbye and moving on

Good Video 18+ Songs about goodbye and moving on.

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. With each goodbye we say, we mourn the loss of pattern and familiarity in our lives. Marriages, friendships, jobs, and love affairs end. New career opportunities take us to different locations. Children go off to college. Some of the hardest goodbyes are the ones that are sudden, unexpected and don't allow the luxury of parting words or gestures.

At times it's a choice, while at others it's chance. If you're fortunate, you get to say farewell. But that often doesn't make the transition easier.

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Is it any wonder that many of life's most stressful events involve goodbyes? If you're struggling with a goodbye, why not assemble a Goodbye Playlist for yourself or someone important in your life?

Below, we have a long list of pop, rock, and country favorites to get you started. Our list includes songs that are wistful, melancholy, celebratory, grateful, and even snarky.

Awesome songs about goodbye and moving on naked gallery

You're bound to find some to ease you through this transition. Clinging to the remnants of a dying relationship, the narrator in this song reminisces about all that he and his lover have been through. He grieves the loss of their relationship. They have been sweethearts and friends, and it wounds his soul to say goodbye.

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Sometimes your life path diverges from that of friends and loved ones, as educational opportunities, job changes, or relationship obligations send you to far-flung places. This song sees such forks in the road as unpredictable and normal. As he says goodbye, the narrator rejoices, " I hope you had the time of your life. Goodbye has been difficult for the narrator in this country song from He has been left mourning the end of his relationship with the woman he loves, and more than anything he wishes he could spend one more day with her.

Don't wait until goodbye to say what you need to say. If you've ever had a relationship that was perfect while it lasted but ended badly or too soon, then this country hit will resonate.

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The man in the song recalls the high point in the relationship when the couple danced under the stars. He had no idea that goodbye was in their future, but he still wouldn't trade their time and experience together for anything:.

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