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Michael Christopher "Mike" Diana [1] born is an underground cartoonist. His work, which is largely self-published, deals with themes including sexuality, violence, and religion.

He is the first person to receive a criminal conviction in the United States for artistic obscenity. Mike Diana was born in [2] in New York City. He, his younger sister, and younger brother Matt [3] were baptized Catholic. Diana instead incorporated the garbage and a dead fish he had found, referring to the beach pollution that was the topic of contemporary news stories.

Diana later related this story during his obscenity trial to illustrate his point of view Amateur wife dianna "art can be ugly and convey a message.

Inwhen nine-year-old Diana was in the middle of fourth grade, he and his family moved from Geneva, New York to Largo, Florida. Diana began drawing comics in high school, influenced by macabre subject matter such as Topps Ugly stickers, Wacky Packages and Creature Amateur wife dianna cards.

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Though Diana enjoyed the stained glass windows in the church he attended every Sunday as a child, seeing Jesus hanging on the cross disturbed him. He eventually came to so loathe the donating of money into collection baskets following sermons that Amateur wife dianna of burning in hell, his Sunday bible study class, and the denouncing of popular music among his fellow congregants that he stopped going to Amateur wife dianna by age The animus he developed toward the Roman Catholic Church Amateur wife dianna, along with the Jack Chick tracts, influenced Diana's depiction of anti-religious themes in his work.

Induring his senior year of high school his aversion to class inspired him to draw his own comics, which would depict unpopular teachers being graphically killed, and which he would distribute to his friends. He submitted them to horror magazines, but was met with rejection. The content of his work was often characterized by nudity, violence, caricature of the human form and scatological themes, which he says he produces in order to "open people's eyes" by shocking them.

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Later that year Diana created another zine called Angelfuckwhich was named after a song from the Misfits album Static Ageof which he published three issues. He then decided to do a digest size magazine, which he called Boiled Angel[4] which also depicted such horrors as cannibalism, torture, rape and murder. In nineteen-year-old Diana was working as an Amateur wife dianna school janitor in Largo, where he would use the school's copy machine to print out the magazine.

Ina California law enforcement officer came into possession of one of the comics, parts of which reminded him of the then-unsolved Gainesville student murders in Florida. They showed him a copy of that issue, told him that he was a suspect in the Gainesville case, [4] and requested a blood Amateur wife dianna for DNA analysis.

Later, after Diana had printed Boiled Angel 7 and 8 the final issue of that Amateur wife dianna and a new graphic novel called Sourball Prodigyhe received a total of ten letters from a police officer named Michael Flores.

Flores was posing as a fellow artist who had just moved to Largo from Fort Lauderdale and requested copies of Diana's books. Flores insisted in his letters that he was not a policeman, and despite declining to meet Diana in person, [4] Diana obliged him with copies of his comics.

Amateur wife dianna went to trial the following year, in March[9] in Pinellas County Court. Baggish argued that Diana's work was obscene in a way that an easily available teen horror movie was not, because the latter "portrays violence in a gross way, but it does not portray sex in a patently offensive way", which is one of the criteria for obscenity under the U.

Supreme Court Miller v.

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California ruling, the other two being an appeal to the "average" prurient interest in sex, and the lack of any artistic, literary, political, or scientific value. According to Lirot, the jury was visibly disgusted by the examples of Boiled Angel that they were made to read. According to Diana, the jurors were asked "what their idea of art was, Amateur wife dianna one of them said 'needlepoint.

Step one, you start with the drawings.

Diana began drawing comics in...

Step two, you go on to the pictures. Step three is the movies. And step number four, you're into reality. You're creating these scenes in reality.

Diana testified for over three hours to explain his art to the jury, though the judge denied his request to enter into evidence a stack of his old underground comicswith which Diana wished to illustrate that he was not doing anything unprecedented.

It doesn't have to accept what is acceptable in the bathhouses in San Francisco, and it doesn't have to accept what is Amateur wife dianna in the crack alleys of New York.

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