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Nurse falls in love with patient

Hot Nude Nurse falls in love with patient.

You find yourself strongly attracted to a patient and, especially if the attraction seems to be mutual, you could be heading for a problem. We all know that it is unethical to enter into any type of romantic relationship with a patient and that such a relationship can lead to a charge of professional misconduct and even losing your job. While caring for our patients, we must at all times remain Nurse falls in love with patient the boundaries of a professional, therapeutic relationship.

The nurse-patient relationship in an unequal one. The nurse is in a position of power while the patient is in a dependent, vulnerable position. The nurse also has a lot of sensitive personal information about the patient while, in contrast, the patient knows very little about the nurse as a person.

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These are the main reasons why it is unethical for a nurse to enter into a romantic relationship with a patient. It could affect professional judgment; lead to exploitation and even cause emotional and physical harm to the patient.

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However, there have been many nurses and patients that have found themselves to be soulmates and ended up being happily married for life.

So what do you do when there is a spark between you and a patient? When you find yourself in the position where a romantic attraction has developed between you and your patient, you need to take a step back and analyze the situation objectively. It may help to write everything down, or even to discuss your problem with trusted colleague or supervisor.

As with any ethical dilemma, this analysis will help you to decide what your next steps should Nurse falls in love with patient.

The most important thing to ask yourself is whether the romantic emotions you are feeling are the real thing and not just part of the nurse-patient dynamic. It is common for a patient to become emotionally attached to his or her nurse or other caregivers.

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The patient may have unfulfilled emotional needs. Along comes the nurse, compassionate and caring, who meets these needs and the patient falls for her. You in turn also have emotional needs. You may be overworked, stressed out, with little time to form meaningful relationships outside of your working life. It is reported that when health care providers are burnt outthey are more likely to develop romantic feelings towards a patient.

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The patient reaches out to you by showing kindness and interest in you as a person, and you, in turn, fall for the patient. Maybe the patient is even just flirting, and you mistake this as interest in you personally.

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Be completely honest in asking yourself whether you are already overstepping professional boundaries and going beyond a healthy therapeutic relationship while interacting with the patient. Ask yourself whether any of your actions are more about your own needs than those of your my patient?

The situation can be discussed with the patient, explaining that while you are nursing him or her, you have to maintain a purely professional relationship. Where the patient is in the hospital only for a short stay this course of action may be simpler than in a long-term care facility.

If there is a strong romantic attraction between a nurse and a patient it will probably be too difficult to return to a Nurse falls in love with patient professional relationship. In this case, you can ask to be no longer assigned to the particular patient. Even then, you should not pursue the relationship while the patient is in the health care facility, for example, by visiting during breaks or after hours and doing special favors.

It might be unkind to the patient for you to just disappear off the scene. If you want to, maybe we can get together after you have been discharged.

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