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Interviewed by Alana Lee. In "Bringing Down the House", he returns to his wild man roots. I met the director, Adam Shankman and he had so much energy, which gave me supreme confidence.

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That's really why I did the movie. I felt he wanted to make a fast moving, fast paced comedy. It's hard to find those people like Bowfinger boob grab they can be too serious or too mechanical to make a comedy.

A comedy has to have room to breathe. You just have to walk on that set on any given day and know that anything's a possibility. Do you still have a passion for comedies like this? A lot of Hollywood observers are saying they're glad to see you return to the old Steve Martin type of Bowfinger boob grab What I really have a passion for is the kind of fun we had on this one.

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The drudgery of making a movie can only be ameliorated by the fun you have making it. You've got to feel like you're in a creative space.

They're just bright people. Bowfinger boob grab you know, I never viewed myself as having gone away from this kind of thing. For example I did "Bowfinger" three years ago, a big physical comedy which I wrote.

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Not so well before the film, [whispers] but don't tell her. I knew who she was and I'd heard her music, but I didn't know what kind of person she was.

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When we met, it was an instant connection; she's a warm, happy, loving person. You do some hilarious dancing in the film. Are you naturally a good mover? I never considered myself as a dancer but I can learn things by rote.

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In this case it was a little different. This was not choreographed dancing. It was just, how insane you can go. And it was fun knowing I didn't have to get a Fred Astaire look.

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This was just me being crazy. I felt like I was in a robe.

It was all kind of loose, and you do feel a little funny wearing baggy clothes when you're used to belts and sort of conservative dress. I felt like I was walking from the spa in a hotel to my room. But eventually I enjoyed wearing my pants real low.

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Yes, I did like that. Yes, it's in " Gangs of New York " [laughs]. No, my favourite scene is when Queen Latifah teaches me how to make love to my wife. I loved doing that scene. When the camera's off we would sit around talking. The director is lively and Bowfinger boob grab, so we always had fun.

Sometimes we wouldn't go back to Bowfinger boob grab trailer because you just want to hang out with funny people. And I played the banjo. I learned two new songs. Read our review of "Bringing Down the House". Home Explore the BBC. This page has been archived and is no longer updated.

Find out more about page archiving. What motivates you these days to do a film - why this one? How well did you know Queen Latifah's work and music?

What did it feel like to be dressed up like a rapper? Do you have a favourite scene? How many times did you have to grab her breasts?

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