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Using ice with clitoris

Porn FuckBook Using ice with clitoris.

To all the girls who are saying it would be painful, don't knock it 'till you try it! Out of curiosity, I tried it once.

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I rubbed the ice cube on my clit and then put it in my vag. It was surprisingly a really really amazing sensation! I loved the first few touches of the cold ice, it was a nice contrast to my warmth. I think it would be really amazing if a man were to let an ice cube melt on his tongue and then give me oral Yes the ice cubes feel good when I run one on my vaginal opening.

But I also can be just sitting here and all of a sudden get the feel like my vagina is so hit it feels like it I is melting. That's when my boyfriend comes in. I have before it was very cold I mean it didn't feel bad but it didn't feel good it felt kinda weird. I Using ice with clitoris it this morning and let me tell you it was cold as fuck.

But it also felt so good. Not so much with the clit but stuffing them into my vagina was amazing. Like the Niagra falls. The best way to keep them in though would be to use a plug.

I've done this a lot of times and it's fun, feeling the cold water run down your thighs. Also, the Using ice with clitoris and cold contrasting temperatures inside makes you feel a bit tingly.

So yeah, overall I'd say, you should definitely Using ice with clitoris it. This is one of my favorite things to do. I freeze a water bottle once frozen I let sit until it is melted to the size that excites me. I cut open the water bottle and pull out the ice.

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I do it all the time and it's amazing! Even the full sized cubes melt pretty quickly. My boyfriend loves both putting them in Using ice with clitoris and watching me put them in myself. He loves to lick up the juice when they melt too! Go for it, but start with small cubes for short time periods while she adjusts to the extreme feeling. You may even want to soak her dildo or vibrator in ice for the first time.


It will add some fun for you too. I want to try rubbing a small cube on his prostate soon, I think he'll love it! I have fun with ice when my master is Using ice with clitoris and when he is here. He has forced me to hold 16 icecubes for as long as I could while he rubbed my clit telling me to keep them in growling at me and putting more pressure on my clit.

After about 5 minutes of him teasing me he shoves in move since a lot of the ice has melted. After another 3 minutes he will stuff 2 fingers in while rubbing my clit faster. This drives me insane and I force everything out and once all the ice is out I squirt all over his chest. I think I might just wake him up and grab the ice. I am due for playtime. If you can't get Using ice with clitoris in the vagina how do you shower? Lol water in the vagina isn't bad for you, I promise.

I did it today and I loved it! It feels almost like being anally penetrated. I actually prefer it up my ass cause I'm afraid the ice might freeze my vagina, sort of like how sticking your tongue on a cold pole isn't a good idea.

Avoid those special washes.

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Washing every day with a mild soap and plenty of warm water will do the trick. I wonder if my husband will be down for tying me up and putting ice in me. Actually I literally just did this earlier today. Uh, it was cold for sure.

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It was fine until I stuck the ice cube into my vagina. It was extremely cold and it was a sensitive area so I only used it as a lube thing. But I would do it again, for sure.

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I have done that to myself. I really liked it, but I think it's personal preference. I have tried putting a small ice cube in my vagina before, a few hours before my boyfriend and I were about to get down.

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