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The Apologetic Attacker trope as used in popular culture. Heroes are, at least for the most part, good people, with clear morals. However, they also have to. Men should act like men and girls should act like girls! You hear that Haruhi!!! They're what we are but do not restrict us on who we can date, what we can do, and how we can dress. The PlayStation 2 game was released in and the Nintendo DS game in Both games borrow strong elements from the dating sim genre, though classified as a "romantic adventure".

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Community Showcase Explore More. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. You seem a decent fellow; I hate to kill you. The Man in Black: In AKIRATakashi hates using his Psychic Powers and specially to hurt others, but against someone who just won't give him the chance to explain himself and keeps attacking him Mozu, a local Extraordinarily Empowered Girlhe decides to do so Not to mention he again apologizes to the person he just killed.

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I apologize to this creature. Nice, a minor villain from the Batman: The Animated Series tie-in comic, is not only apologetic, but outright helpful to his victims, even Kristoff At John Dating Simulators Ouran so far as to give money and his doctor's card to security guards he's tied up and beaten. In Air 1 not the same as Airthe protagonist apologizes to a Well-Intentioned Extremist before kicking him in the crotch.

As with many instances of this trope, the victim thinks she's apologizing for something she already did. Subverted in Nodwick when Artix and Yeager apologize to a villain after they'd had fun fighting their way through his dungeon, unlike the one they'd just been in that they'd found boring because Piffany was about to attack him. Isidoro points out that he may have killed him with his sheer strength.

Ragdoll does this a couple of times in Secret Six. In "The Red Sea Sharks", Tintin does this to get a panicky passenger out of the pilot's hair so he can concentrate on his emergency landing. In Superman FamilyJimmy Olsen realizes that Superman is infected with the virus that is wreaking havoc through Kandor. He mentally says " Sorry for what I'm about to do, pal " before knocking him out. In The Supergirl from Krypton Superman apologizes to her brainwashed cousin when he is forced to fight her.

This breaks my heart, Kara Zor-El. Light, I think please click for source going to be really mad at me continue reading. And I'm really sorry. But I regret with all my heart that you've forced me to use them! Blaine in Solar Winds has a tendency to apologize—or at least feel sorry for— any Mooks he has to attack, at the beginning of the story. The protagonist of You Obey apologizes to the detainee he is interrogating for pushing her on a delicate subject. Princess Luna has more of the horror version of this trope as she can't stop her ghost self from trying to kill Sweetie Belle, all Luna can do is warn her of her ghost's next move when it tries Kristoff at john hookup simulators for adults attack her.

As Jaime Lannister in The North Remembers tries to escape out of the White Sword Tower after being put under arresthe kills Qyburn by jamming his sword up through his spine. As he Kristoff at john hookup simulators for adults dying, he apologizes and tells him that it was Nothing Personal.

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The Naruto fanfic Gender Confusion involves a fight between Hinata and Juugowherein both parties are less-than-enthused about fighting at all.

Besides the Heroine's legendary predilection for this, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo and Amaterasu from '' Infinity all dip into this at times. It's made clear from the get-go that they have absolutely nothing against the heroes, and in some cases outright respect and Kristoff At John Dating Simulators Ouran them, but circumstances force them to fight.

Click at this page Worm article source " Khepri: Golden Dawn ", Taylor doesn't want to hurt Armmaster but she doesn't want to be arrested, either.

So she apologizes before attacking him. Armsmaster's reaction was almost instant, his gear must have read and analyzed what I had said, or his instincts were fine-honed enough, even with his absolute lack of social grace, that he knew that I was apologizing for attacking him. A couple of guys take a swing at him, but they trigger Peter's spider-sense and he reflexively knocks them to the ground, apologizing each time.

Encouraged in the Rahmens Kristoff at john hookup simulators for adults educational series The Japanese Tradition episode about dating.

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