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Who else had a teacher that did this? Such A Forgiving Woman. Tag this friend smh lol. Not a damn thing. We having bible studies to close out the sabbath then singing hymnals till Christ second coming.

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Girls only want one thing They are looking bing their best life. Today on reddit, one of the top posts, with overupvotes, is a picture of a man who leveraged the legal system to What The Fuck Meme.

Fam, Fuck You, and Gym: Lean, Memes, and Teacher: When you lean back on your chair and your teacher tells you that 10 years ago one of her students died doing it imdrip Shut the fuck up. I'm here to get nutted in. I'm a grown ass woman.

Shit, Fuck, and Good: Fuckboys think they're good at not giving a fuck until they meet a woman that doesn't give a fuck.

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