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How long does a fling usually last

Sexy por pics How long does a fling usually last.

I work for a very sociable company as my colleagues and I are all of a similar age, ranging between 25 and After work on Fridays we always try to go out for a drink which often ends up as a bit of a session.

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About six months ago I broke the cardinal rule and ended up sleeping with one of my colleagues. During this time I developed feelings for him, so one evening I asked if we were doing the exclusive thing.

Is this a relationship? It depends what your definition of a relationship is.

If a relationship means more to you than casual fun and no string sex then it doesn't really sound like this is a relationship. You've got three options - carry on with the fling, finish things or try and move things on so that it becomes a relationship. You could carry on just as you have been doing. It might be fun for a while but this sort of arrangement will inevitably come to an end one way or another.

One of you will meet someone else, things will just fizzle out or one of you will want more than the other feels happy with. You've said that you've developed feelings for him and it really doesn't sound like you're happy with things just continuing as they are. He may like you, he may be fond of you, he may find you attractive and he's certainly more than happy to have sex with you regularly but all these things don't amount to this man falling in love with you.

If you're honest with yourself, these aren't the actions of man who's madly in love with you or someone who wants to spend all his time with you or who can't stop thinking about you.

It doesn't sound like he's on the verge How long does a fling usually last even saying you're his girlfriend, let alone getting down on one knee to propose.

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When you asked whether you were exclusive his response wasn't really positive. You wanted to know whether you're a couple.

You weren't asking about his sexploits with other women.

5 months is a long...

His response suggests either he didn't have a clue what you were even asking him, or much, much more likely he was fudging the issue. He didn't want to be put on the spot or even discuss it because he doesn't see you as his girlfriend but he doesn't really want to put an abrupt end to your convenient arrangement.

If you're unhappy about this convenient arrangement of casual sex - if it's starting to sap your self-esteem or making you feel unsatisfied because you want more, then doing nothing and carrying on as things are isn't really an option. You've tried to tentatively bring the subject up for discussion and given him every chance to move things on but you haven't got anywhere.

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