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Dear reader, please upgrade to the latest version of IE Murree girls have a better reading experience. A year-old school teacher from Murree, who was tortured and set on fire after refusing a marriage proposal, succumbed to her injuries in Islamabad's Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Pims on Wednesday.

The girl was brought to the hospital yesterday and breathed her last at around Girl tortured, set on fire for refusing marriage proposal. The Murree girls of the girl has been handed over to her heirs and shifted to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Murree.

Police has registered a case, but no arrests have been made as of yet.

It was reported on Tuesday that a group of five men had forcibly entered the victim's Murree girls, locked her in a room and beat her up over a marriage dispute. The victim's uncle, Nasir Abbassi, had stated the family had gone to a social gathering Murree girls the girl was alone at home when the incident occurred.

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The suspects, after beating the victim, set Murree girls on fire and threw her in a ditch behind her residence. The family, after being informed by a local boy, rushed home and took the girl out of the ditch and took her to a local hospital. The local hospital was unable to treat her since it lacked the expertise in dealing with burn victims, and she was then transferred to Islamabad's Pims where she breathed her last today.

Earlier in May, a year-old girl was strangled and set on fire in Murree girls Makol village after orders given by a local jirga.

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Murree girls police had said a member jirga called by the Makol village Murree girls Pervez ordered for the deceased to be killed and set on fire as punishment for helping her friend escape the village to marry of her free will.

The girl was taken from her home to an abandoned house where she was drugged, killed, Murree girls placed in the back seat of a parked van. The van was then doused with petrol and set on fire. Social issues like these are never addressed by religious parties. We can debate and discuss about beating women but when it comes to actual issues of rape, acid attack and child rape, the silence from religious parties are unacceptable. Girl burned to death for refusing marriage proposal?

Where is the Council for Islamic Ideology?

What is their position on this gruesome murder? It is high time for Mariam Nawaz to come out of comfort hibernation and do some thing for Pakistani Murree girls masses, of course if she really believes in their plight.

Our people going to our neighbour for liver and other treatment. Our PM going abroad for treatment not a single hospital to take care of Murree girls. This country will never progress until monsters like this are made to pay! May she rest in peace! And I cant even begin to think how her parents will suffer for the rest of their lives with the thought of their innocent girl burning to death.!

The perpetrators are becoming more Murree girls and ruthless Murree girls by day. They need to be caught and punished for their heinous crimes. Why don't we ever read about these criminals being sentenced and punished? Waiting to see light at the end of this long dark tunnel People are quick to take action against religious groups but not condemn attack based on cultural tribal norms. Based on the comments in Dawn Pakistan is still under identity crisis, and they are unable to acknowledge if their core values should be religious or on tribal culture.

Gender equality is a must for any country to be viewed as a modern nation. You cannot have organizations like CII recommending "light beating" of women and gender equality at the same time. Speedy conviction are the only thing which can have impact but in Pakistan it would normally go at least years before the culprits get punished.

We are living in a barbarian culture. Where are those mullahas, JI chief and the protectors of Islam and humanity now? Why don't they say anything about this issue. Though horrible and terrifying, I am still trying to be optimistic that the girl will now rest in peace. This guy who would have made her life a hell fire every day and night if she would have married him.

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She was indeed a brave girl. I am really surprising actually who rules Pakistan Is it the result of madrasa education??? At least the poor Murree girls stood for her rights and her family backed her. Wish we could do more than just feel sorry and count the victims.

This problem exists in Murree girls subcontinent The population must rise up against this and mobilise, and not back down until concrete action is taken and proper laws put in place and enforced.

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This is a call for men and women to band together and stand up for true justice - social media can definitely help in this regard. What a shame and when you read at yahoo such news coming out of Pakistan. What peoples around the world think about Murree girls

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Women deserve Murree girls respect. It should never happen Where are our leaders and why so silence Please respect women and protect them from these evils. She was always and is still busy embezzling public money to keep it in off shore companies. Are you seriously expecting some good out of her?

We are a great country and have survived for so long due to our great culture and beliefs. India and RAW is responsible for this. They want to destabilize our country by Murree girls such false news. They didnt take care of the girl. Probably they setup the whole thing by given contract killing. We as people are all good and we should not tolerate this.

Have you never tried to pull out of some social function your family is dragging you to when you were a kid? What the hell is happening in Pakistan! Have we gone thousands year back in past. It is great that she got out of her suffering very quickly - in less Murree girls 24 hrs. Most likely the perpetrators wont be found Murree girls punished. We only hope that they will suffer appropriately for their deeds through divine justice.

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Priya - I did not mention any religion. But in our society all these issues becomes a part of religion for lack of understanding.

Point that I made was for these religious leaders to condemn openly these barbaric actions in our society. Majority of these issues you will see among the illiterates and people who have a very little understanding and these people listen to mullahas and their community's leaders rather anybody Murree girls. Thanks for your rebuttal. She was a future educator for Murree girls nation. The fear of retribution for committing reprehensible acts such as this one is an Murree girls deterrent.

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Girl torched in Murree for refusing marriage proposal dies of injuries Raza Khan Updated June 01, She failed to survive the burns that covered over 85 per cent of her body, the doctor said. Girl tortured, set on fire for refusing marriage proposal The body of the girl has been handed over Murree girls her heirs and shifted to Tehsil Headquarters Hospital Murree.

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The local hospital was unable to treat her since it lacked the expertise in dealing with burn victims, and Murree girls was then transferred to Islamabad's Pims where she breathed her last today Related: Comments 35 Closed Murree girls Newest Oldest.

Jun 01, Sometimes the news makes me ashamed for being born in this God given country. Why would the girl be left alone if the 'whole'family went to attend a social gathering?

Murree girls should be no mercy on perpetrators. Religious clerics of our time are deaf dumb and blind when it comes to real issues. As a society, we are probably a thousand years behind the developed world.

Ahsan Gul No religion prescribes this. Murree girls a societal issue in the subcontinent. Dollar have you descended from sky or may be across the border?