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Does anyone have any water kefir grains I could have?

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I have given them away myself in the past but mine have gone small and unhealthy for some reason. Would love to collect when yours have multiplied. Georgia Reporter from Stuff.

Hi neighbours, Electric scooters have been zooming about your city for a couple of weeks now, and we want to know your thoughts on them! Lime Kefir grains christchurch have made the news recently after Christchurch schools banned them from school grounds.

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There have been instances where the scooters have been disrespected and dumped in the oceanand have even had fireworks attached to them.

However some people are in support of the scootersand have even found a way to make extra pocket money from them.

So what are your thoughts on the use of electric scooters in the Garden City? Are they a nuisance or a whole lot of fun? Share your thoughts with us in the replies below. Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press.