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Vaseline as lube for guys

Sexy xxx video Vaseline as lube for guys.

Big community funding update! August 5, 7: NSFW and probably gross for most people I'm talking gay unprotected anal sex. Assume these are two consenting adults that are engaged in a monogamous relationship.

Don't derail my question with cautions of the inherent risk of bareback sex. It's extremely risky, don't do it!!!! Okay, lets move on. I know that popular opinion is against using this material for lube. It breaks down latex in toys and condoms and can linger a bit so it could break down condoms used in the next few days or so.

How safe are lubricants?

I've heard that it can harbor bacteria which is a risk for infection -- however, I just learned that silicone lube does this also and I've used it for years without any problems. I've also heard that it's used for actual medical purposes 'down there' without issue. I've done lots of googling, but I can only find info about how you're not supposed to use it for vaginal sex and the occasional cautionary tales of condom breakage.

So, that leads me to the question - can I use vaseline as lube and not mess up my ass or the Vaseline as lube for guys of my loved one? Assume frequent usage times per week, and a good shower post-coitus. It'd be great to hear from someone that actually uses it regularly or perhaps has a friend or whatever. Vaseline is so messy. This stuff is fantastic. Good God, that is frequent use. The least-bad consequence is that it wouldn't be very comfortable.

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