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It had never occurred to me that I was supposed to groom my pubic hair until fooling around in the back of a Ford Focus with a particularly unwoke boyfriend at age My mother, who carefully instructed me on the art of shaving my legs, never explicitly told me it was something I needed News bikini line accident do elsewhere.

In my conservative small town, I had just one sexually active friend, who didn't get into the topic as she recounted her lurid hookup stories before choir practice.

Only when I was about 18 and making out with my new boyfriend, was I brought into the News bikini line accident about the comparative neglect of my undercarriage. Things started heating up, and it was hard to miss his not-so-subtle grimace when he was surprisingly greeted by Bob Ross when he was expecting Pamela Anderson.

I still remember feeling so small and unattractive as he tugged at my underwear, like I had missed some giant memo. Why had no one told me that I needed to de-frizz before a date?

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Was everyone in the world shaving their pubic hair except for me? Soon after, I was shaving every other day from armpit to ankle, walking out of the shower like a glossy seal just emerging from the ocean.

But it did the trick: I was hairless, confident, and maybe only slightly itchy.

We broke up a few months later. Kim Kardashian Is Sexualizing Motherhood.

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But pool season had arrived, and the razor habit stuck. In a studyresearchers found that more than 80 percent of women in the U.

Barnes was allegedly driving while...

Some groomed for sex, some for vacation, and others before a healthcare visit. None of these women, myself included, were tweezing, waxing, shaving, or going through other painful beauty rituals because they thought it would make their lives easier or make sex less painful.

But then there would News bikini line accident a trip to California or a date with a hot barista that would prompt a clean up.

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Once I was made aware that my hair was unsightly, I never wanted anyone to see it even accidentally again. She warned that if I kept shaving, I could be susceptible to infection.

There are plenty of good reasons to keep your pubic hair intact. It protects your vagina from dirt and bacteria.

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But none of these legitimate reasons was what made me decide to go au naturale for bikini season last year after plus years of shaving. And then I did something better: I let myself be lazy.

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My husband and I moved into a mid-century ranch house about nine months ago, and every time I would shave, it would stop up the drain and leave a long trail of hairs behind. Desperate to not let my husband see the evidence of my grooming session, I would frantically clean up the scene of the crime before he News bikini line accident see what had happened.

This was, of course, as ridiculous as it sounds.

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