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Alex Pettyfer has a conspiratorial glint in his eye. He wants to conduct our interview in the empty screening room of the Crosby Hotel instead of its basement bar.

He produced the film, as well as stars in it as Harley, a young man struggling to hold his impoverished family together after his mother Juliette Lewis is jailed for killing his father. I always felt single-minded and selfish in my craft.

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Directing the film was never part of the plan. Pettyfer read for the picture back in when Lyne envisioned it as a more robustly budgeted studio production. After two well-known directors fell out over scheduling conflicts, Pettyfer decided that if the movie was ever going to get made, he needed to step behind the camera.

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I came from a non-egotistical position of just wanting to see good content get made. At several points during our hour chat, Pettyfer returns to the idea of ego and selfishness.

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Stories appeared in the press about clashes and spats with directors and co-stars. Pettyfer knows he has a lot to live down, but he believes that some of the rap is undeserved.