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Ayesha takia in bikini

Hot xXx Video Ayesha takia in bikini.

I must have done 60 ads by now. Ever since I was five, I had told my relatives I wanted to be an actress.

Then came Shake It Daddywhich brought me a lot of recognition. Of course, Vatsal and I fall in love. I have been strictly told not to reveal anything more.


My producer and directors will be furious if I start telling the public what they should expect in the film. I think many films do not fare well even in the initial stages, simply because the publicity gives it all away.

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Thank God, we have carefully guarded it. Taarzan is a very clean film which can be seen with your family. You will not squirm in your seats like you did in some recent films.

Taarzan is about a car that can swim, fly and 'everything that a hero can' according to co-star Vatsal Seth. Taarzan even has a kiss, but Ayesha shrugs it off.

It happens in the car.

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You can't Ayesha takia in bikini what Vatsal and I have done to what some youngsters have done in recent films," she says. But today, sex does sell. Look at films like Hawas, Murder and Juliewhich have done well only due to their erotic content. Would Ayesha have preferred to make her first splash by raising testosterone? She might have made a greater impact then. Neither can I do a Girlfriend.

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Yes, I can wear short tops and minis but I would be uncomfortable wearing a bikini. And don't forget Bhagyashree and Juhi Chawla never did any bold and brazen stuff in their first ventures to get noticed.

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Taarzan will get noticed, and then, so will Vatsal and me. Has it been shelved? Ayesha says a determined 'no. It was stalled, but as far as I know, things should be looking up again. You know, I went through a depression. I did not get out of the house for nearly six months. I am lucky I started young.

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Otherwise, I would have been hit harder. Before we can ask her more, she moves to Taarzan.

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I was in his home production, and so he told them about me. But a few days later, they called me and told me I was in Taarzan.

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Wasn't she under a contract that she cannot sign a film until Kabhi Socha Na Tha releases? The contract became null when I signed for Taarzan.

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The actress claims her chemistry with Vatsal is great on the sets and off the sets. But "Please don't put two and two equal to five. Vatsal is cute but I had a boyfriend during the making of Taarzan. There was no chance of getting those kind of feelings for Vatsal.

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The boyfriend she is referring to is Siddharth Koirala, Manisha's brother. But when the film was being made, we patched up. We are not together anymore. We tried to give each other another chance but our differences were getting too much to handle," she explains.

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Keep smiling bye Posted by Bhagyesh. But Neha Dhupia too has started Ayesha takia in bikini carreer with a fair movie and when she did'nt get noticed Best of luck I just want to wish you good luck for a big career in front of u. Believe in hard work and u can achieve anything - Check out these pictures of Ayesha Takia wearing Sexy.

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Discover other celebrities like Jared Padalecki, Sofia Vergara spotted with Sexy and see. Originally Answered: Who is the hottest Bollywood actress in a bikini? No doubt.

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Ayesha Takia 5'5" (61) perfection - Soha Ali Khan. Ask Ayesha Takia, the girl in Shake it Daddy.

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